6 thoughts on “Bentley Arnage”

  1. georges nice pic man, bas leik hayda bently arnage t aw s, i dont know la2ano 2irab la ba3od, i think it is t, look there is a building on ras beirut that has a bently continental, arnage, ferrai modena,n cayenne turbo, fogue, i hop sometime i could and take their pics, their also another builing beside monza cars that has a lambo murci and a ferrari spider and a modena and 2 denalli’s with chrome wheels, i will submit there photos soon inshallah

  2. This car is actually a Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph , which was made in the years of 99-02 before they got seperated from Bentley Motors. This body style is similar to the Arnage one.

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