5 thoughts on “Ferrari F430”

  1. 4 who cares about cars,me and my friend hisham spotted maybach parking alone in rawshe at 6.30 am (grandcafe i think) then we also spotted dark green phantom and vanquish(4 the same family) with 2 new 7 series and 3 newrange-1arden modifying) and finally the new S in additon 2 many other not imortant like H2 and CL parking near the nightclub behind a hotel.the weird thing about all this stuff is that we saw the maybach parking alone at 6.30 am morning 4 3 following days in the same place….believe us we r not joking or lying u can go there and c that

  2. yeh trust us those cars we saw them for 3 sonsecutive days, we tried to pic them but wissam doesnt know how to take shots, hehe kidding

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