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  1. tayyib ok, i have a 911 turbo, a silver one in my garage, but i took its pics with a sybershot 7.2, and the image is 2.5 mb, which is veru big, i will try to get smaller pics and send the, to you, ah right, beside it there is a z4 and a cayenne,

  2. man,,,the cayenne is not suitable,unless if it was modified by gemballa..by the way i saw a black cayenne gemballa with lebanese nb plate.190000

  3. eh mara in verdun, a gemballa pareked beside me, waw, it is really sacryy, it stopped on my right, i thought fayti fina, bas it stopeed, its voice is wawwwwwwwwwww, a black one with a kuwiat nb

  4. I think we have a pic of this gembella on the site.

    Anyways you can get the pictures smaller with any photo editor (including paint ) so if you need help tell me

  5. hey ,once a day in the past summer we were in a race with a cayenne gemaballa ,i was with my bro in his cayenne turbo (the race started when my bro kept on annoying him-dallo 3am bydaweeelo fa rekeb raso taba3 la gemballa-saudi black plate the nb is.48)anyway ma shefna l gemballa it was 2 fast we werent able 2 pass by him,bythe way cayenne turbo needs 5.4 sec from 0-62mph while the gemballa needs only 4 sec.

  6. hi baddi 2etlob menkon talab khasatan la wissam w hisham ashtar shi bel souwar 2ennou teb3atou 2el pics kamen 3ala http://www.exoticspotter.com khallou 2el nes yshoufou shou 3anna siyarat please farfoura

    Note from Webmaster: If you wish to take a picture from exoleb you did not photograph and submit it to any other site you must say that this picture is courtesy of Exoleb.com Home of Lebanon Exotic Cars

  7. farfoura i enetered the website and i saw thepicd, there is a lebanese clk-gtr ,? but it isnt a real imagein lebanon

  8. The car on that site is not taken in leb but i have the clk gtr in mount leb…as i said owned by koleilet…i dont know if its still in leb…

  9. i knew that,i know a one who works bil jamarek inspected his car ,CLK GTR, but he told me 3emlet mashkel la 2edro yfawtooooha,and its 4 taha

  10. my friend took the photo on his cell fone, i just hope he still has it…i will contact him, and if he does, get it and post it here

  11. farfoura i havent seen him…but on monday i should be seein him and yes the car is lebanese and is owned by taha koleilet

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