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  1. hope u like those pics cause they were taken by friend wissam, lately, the murano’s owner made an accident in it on his way to jinob, and all the sipders were destroyed, and so was the roof that was damages, byt thank god nothing happened to the rims, which he removed from the beginig of winter, he also has a ferrari manrello tha has the nb 575 shown on the website, and a austin martn which he always parks in sihir il sharik

  2. ya wissam i wished u had taken shots of the front bumper alsocuz its truly a great sight by the way those rims r 2 small 4 a ride like that….22” spinners should do the deal…i like it and was kinda surprised i didnt realise a murano had been body kitted in lebanon so good job whoever did it…

  3. Man i stumbled to this website by mistake and accidentally saw MY CAR! I had that accident and it was a dreadfull one! Would like to meet who took those pics!

  4. hey guys, i am hisham’s friend that spotted the car, i saw in in sihir il sharik, and sent, them to my friend wiisam who gave them to hisham and gave it to exoleb. to ali, i am soryy if u were disturbed by the pics, itg is just that i always go to sihir il sharik and always spot the murano and the ferrari and the austin, and i thought they were for teh same perso. About the accident, i am sry ali hope nothing happened. Sorry ali if the pic dusturbed u, and i apologize to you, if u want, let elie remove the pics for ur cars from the site, again i send u my apologiess

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  6. ya3ne awwalan el rims are way too small ya3ne they dnt make sence masare 3l fade w el body kit i dnt like it hek m3ajj2a anyways hope mesh bas el optic changed ykun el motor tuned kemen!

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