8 thoughts on “Lamborghini Murcielago and Gallardo”

  1. one of the best photos on this site wawwww(how i didnt spot these 2 cars:S coz i sleep in abc:P lol)

  2. hi everyone, actually my friend and i discovered the web recently, so from now on ull be seeinng some pretty nice pics. so were 2 persons working on this, a girl and a guy ( and yes a girl!!!, shes into cars too). shes the one who spotted these exotics 😉
    we also spotted most of the cars that are already on theweb. well submit some of them since our pics are better…:-P
    and btw georges we also sleep in abc, well meet someday

  3. lolllll hey ROMAC did see the diablo in ABC?? because when i went to take some pic they were 2 persons there(one guy and one girl)

    i forget to tell u ino jorrasetne:P “”well submit some of them since our pics are better?Ǩ:-P”” bass i dont think that ur pics are better than mine:P yalla submit them and well see:P
    submit all of the pics ino kel siyara khalliy ykoun 3anda aktar men soura heik mnetsalla aktar 3al site

  5. hi
    no actually it wasnt us taking pics of the diablo
    and ill rty my best for the pics

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