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  1. Guys next time u spot a 612 dont bother take the pic unless it has 612 as a plate nbr, just to be 100% sure lool and plz with more than 0.2 Megapixels
    Khalas N7allit

  2. heyy guyss..i’m really sure it’s not a scaglietti..
    @ WISSAM…7aj totrou2 7ake enta abel ma tet2akkad ya man…
    @ ZO…hey man i’ve an F430 with this color once in raouche but i couldn’t take the pic of it because kenit mechye bi 3akesna…

  3. la2 pierre there isnt an f430 with this color le2anno ma7adan msawara w its a rare color!! inno 7atta in other countries el F430 mabtejeh ke7leh except for the Scaglietti

  4. hey guys i am ziad’s friend.listen i think( and i am not sure) this is a Ferrari GG50..tc guys..


  6. @ MOE….hey man the FERRARI GG50 is a concept car…i don’t think there’s more than 1 in the whole world & it’s a concept…

  7. pierre lesh feyet hek b2oweh???:S:S inno shu ke2anno feyet 3a mashkal..man i understand ur opinion and respect it..khalas spot it again w we’ll see..w the GG50 isnt a concept..the car is made..fee menna kteeeer .. check it out..tc

  8. iza betfoot 3ala google be7otoolak inno its a concept bass heyeh ta2reeban men awal el 2006 nezlet bil ma3ared w any1 can buy it. tc pierre w rawe2leh a3sabak:P ana yemken ghalat bass tawel belak mabada hal2ad..

  9. @ ZO…hey man sorry iza khallaytak t7ess hek bass ana manne feyit 3a machkal aw chi bass el mechkle eno 3am tchere3ne w t2elle eno mafi F430 men hel color w ana cheyif we7de..

    halla2 bfout ba3mil search mazbout 3al GG50 w bchoufa…ciaozz man..

  10. hey guys..beee3o hal mas2ale..mish la7 netsafeed iza kenet 599 aw 612 aw 430…hehe..pierre..ana ra2ye kein saree3 wlo khaye.rawe2 2a3sabak..peace…yalla nashoofkon

  11. lol enter…i knew that it still a concept car cuz i’ve had some pics for it & i searched once on serious wheels & i’ve never heard that it got to the markets…soo..akid bas tenzal chi ferrari jdide bta3moul khadda…that’s why i was sure that it still a concept..

  12. hey guys lyoum kilkon dawo daw el veranda men el se3a 9 PM lal 10 PM for the support of our lebanese army… w baddeh 2ool hamdellah 3al salemeh la all of u guys in Ashrafieh w especially Georges Khairallah:) yalla shabeb tc w kelna la ba3ed

  13. thanks pierre la2annak zeker w shabeb zbounet el ferrari betdalla 2asme2on serriyeh w sa7eba lebanese kamen w betzakkar ken ma3ou nomra 346 yemken

  14. shabeb mbayne haidi 2enna fiorano ma betdaye3 ya3ni shefta marra lamma kenet bi tripoli 3ala raf3a ya;;i btenol 2el siyarat

  15. @ OMAR..hey man sa7eba lal ENZO houwe IBRAHIM ABOU AYASH sa7ib bank el madina….
    & this is not a FIORANO man..take a look at the hood…2asir ktir…w chouf chou 7attayna comments 2abel se3eta btet2akad..

  16. hey wissam in my opinion the SL 65 AMG will WIN because it got 612HP so 100 more than the M6 and a more aerodynamic shape and less weight.

  17. Actually the SL65 weighs much more than the M6 . M6’s weight = 1710 Kg , SL65’s weight = 2030 Kg . Mercedes-Benz’s are so heavy , but that negative issue is backed up with a huge amount of power and torque .

    The SL65 has much more Torque than the M6 , and 100 hp more than the M6 . Despite the weight of the SL , it will still be a bit quicker than the M6 .

    But don’t forget the price difference between the 2 cars guys , the SL65 AMG is much more expensive than the M6 , i think it costs 80 000$ more …..If you spend 80 000$ on modding the M6 , you will have a Rocket that will shake the earth when it’s unleashed lol !

  18. eh walla LOL i always say to my friend that the mercedes are always heavier than other cars but donno what happened hehe (ur right el khoury about 300KG more than the M6)
    and the SL cost ,a bit less than ,twice the cost of the M6

  19. el khoury..ana inde video la M6 vs SL55..3al P500 sport l M6 sheleta bas ma kein fi fare2 kbeer(2rab kteer) so l SL65 AMG wade3 tene.bas metel ma 2elet inta l SL65 biturbo engine V12..y3ne law l M6 byzeedo 3aleiha ba3d 100PS btekol l 2ared..beddak te7ke bi M6 hamann ..yemkein byemshe l 7al…btw guys the New 5 series(2010) l M5 version 8 speed but same V10..leh?????..sho ray2ak elkhoury???

  20. hey wissam the S 600 2007 got 8 speed automatic gearbox hehe.
    btw i was watching TOP GEAR about the BUGATTI VEYRON and in that car u’ll clutch the top gear (7 th )at 215 MPH or 346 km/hr HOHOHO (the laugh of JEREMY hehe)

  21. hey wissam , well i don’t think that the new M5 will have an 8 speed gearbox , but i heard that the new 7 series will have an 8 speed gearbox just to still be in competition and on the same level Of the Mercedes Benz S class ……

  22. tab ana i don’t understand why companies increase the number of speeds in the gearbox. inno 5alas 6 is more than enough, bas l mercedes always bzeedo shee yimkin to show off. when they first made the new 7 series it had a 6 speed gearbox with the gearstick up beside the steering wheel and an idrive system. the interior designof the new s class looks so much like the 7 series, but this car has a 7 speed gearbox. kamen l mercedes dyman b kabbro l engine. ya3ne in 1996 3amalo sayyara 7.3l engine. w sarlon shee 5 years bya3mlo sayyarat 6.5l engines. they can work on the weight, aerodynamics, number of horses…. but definitely i believe that they make good fuckin cars.

  23. Guyz think of all the Supercars yet to be spotted in Lebanon: McLaren F1,Pagani Zonda,Koeniggsseig CCX,Saline S7, Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50, Lambo Murcielago LP640, and of course the All-Mighty BUGATTI Veyron !!!!

  24. hehe rodrique we must dream of those cars hehe
    @ adam , mercedes are increasing the number of gears to give the passengers a more confortable trip

  25. @ RODRIGUE….man enta bte7lam metle!! lol…7elo hel 7elem…bass hole iza cheftoun bil lebnen ma bsaddi2 3youne..bfakkir 3am be7lam..2ana chefet el ENZO w ba3dne la halla2 mech msadda2. lool

  26. shabeb 2a7la 7al2a bel top gear men awal ma ballash hiye 7ala2et 2el zonda wel f430 wel ford gt bel road trip

  27. shabeb walla haidi fiorano man kenet nezel men bayti w kenet 2at3a wa2af shwaiy w shefta ktir mni7 w ma betdaye3 ben 2el 612 w b2alba only 2 seats

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