12 thoughts on “We Support our Troops”

  1. My all support to the Lebanese Army ……. 2alla yer7am yali meto , w yalli la7 ymouto , may they all rest in peace.
    kel marra byotla3elna mounazzame men ta7et l 2ared , wlek 7ello 3anna ba2a !!!

  2. 7aram ymoot l jeish 3ashen kam terrorist midre shu 7attinlon b rason. yalla nshalla 2 days w ma mnirja3 mnisma3 b shee ismo fat7 l islem. w mitil ma 2al elkhoury, may all the martyrs rest in peace.

  3. They walk in to the valley of the shadow of death..knowing that there leaving there loved one behind…but at the same time knowing that what there fighting for…is worth dying for… (RIP lebanese army martyrs)

  4. Allah w jeich..baddeh 2ool allah yer7am kil ely meto la hal balad ref3een rasson w fardon 3ambedef3o 3an their country for the last minute of their lives. w baddeh 2ool la fa7et el islam malla inno kiss e5ta soora 3meltowa lal islam!! w khara 3laykon shu 7ayawenet ..sara2to bank w 3ambedef3o 3an 7alkon?? hahah walla thats funny..tc w RIP Lebanese Soldiers.w thank you elie for this wonderful entry about the Army

  5. Shabeb try to avoid the following places: Bliss Str. Monot & Gemayzeh Street and the City Mall(Dawra) and Mar-elias for your own safety.tc and hope to see you soon.

  6. Zo, I am guessing you received this from a “UN mail”

    The UN denied this in Nahar L Shabeb, be careful everyone but do not believe every rumor!

  7. la2 those are my own suggestions because the terrorist wants to kill the lebanese summer.. w and hit the economy..so kil el ma7alet el tejareyeh mat2arboola:p

  8. mazbout ZIAD so stay at home and get bored without hearing the engines of the cars:S

  9. RIP Leb soldiers. My blessings are with you. Thx for the heads up poster #8. I’m leaving for Lebanon from canada this friday. Inshallah we will see an end to this crisis soon.

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