10 thoughts on “Aston Martin DB9 Volante”

  1. YOPP this car for by the owner of this dealership it’s near 3awkar square……………

  2. fiya w mafiya l 2ossa btw men chi 2 week ken 3endo maserati
    btw this DB9 cost 17000 pounds more than the ordinary one

  3. Very nice car…bet3a22id ya man…ken lezim ykoun nhar..keno tol3o el souwar a7la bi ktir.

  4. @georges yop this car is very expencive and he bought it not for teh dealership by directly from a dealership in europe and it costed him around 200 000$ the get to lebanon………it’s alot………..

  5. only 200.000 $$ khallas 2morrow i’ll go and buy it:S btw the F430 cost in lebanon 270.000$$ (yemkin mendoun TVA w tesjil donnno i forgot to ask)

  6. makhassak:P
    hehe when we went to autoform we talked to some guys that work there and i asked them

  7. @ GEORGES…hey lek iza bass 7a22a 200.000$ el Volante so don’t be selfish & buy me one too but as a gift (ya3ne 3melle surprise)…hehe lol

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