18 thoughts on “Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder”

  1. I also saw this car near Metropolitan on 12th may (my prom night) … very nice car.

  2. @ EL KHOURY…i spotted this LAMBO on the 13th of May i just checked it on my cell phone..hehe

  3. @ EL KHOURY…btw how was ur prom night ?? did u have fun?? yalla good luck in ur official exams..in which uni r u planning to proceed ur studies?? tc.

  4. @Pierre ……. Thanks bro , i really need that good luck .

    About my prom night , yea it was awesome , we had lots of fun , and after we finished from the Metropolitan , we went to the Tempo at Mono to continue the night . The most important thing is that i had my sister’s car all that night , i am glad that there were no “road blocks” coz i don’t have a driving license lo0l …. it was a very nice night.

    I still didn’t decide in which uni i will proceede my studies , maybe NDU or USEK Kaslik . But honestly i am not thinking now about which uni to join , all i want is to pass this official exam hehe , but i don’t know how am i gonna pass it if i am not studying lol , i really hate to study . Anyway nchalla kheir .

    P.S: IF i pass the official exam , i will be getting my first car , and you guys will have an important role in choosing my first car coz of course we will talk about it when the time comes. tc

  5. mechanical engineer 2nd yrs MWF 10-4 hehe
    btw, those 2 saturdays we have university hehe:@
    what about u ??

  6. @ GEORGES?¢‚Ǩ¬¶hehe ana 14 june bkhallis UNI.. na na na?¢‚Ǩ¬¶

    Exams included ???

  7. @george up i do have uni 2 anna kamen 2nd year CS MWF 9-4 w yalla we are almost done 😀 hya bass anna i am tking summer……. what about u ??????

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