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  1. very sexy car..i like it very very much..by the way were these pictures taken before the Explosion or after? just intrested. by the way, i got new pictures for the Silverstone 2004 Honda S2000..and elie agreed to put them on the site only if you guys agreed. So shu ra2eykon?

  2. hehe it’s a week before the bombing
    btw all sport car b7eboun ana so no problem man

  3. Oh My God !!!! Georges and pierre badde bawweskoun khayye ! hehe …. you spotted my favorite car guys ! i have never seen this new GT3 in Lebanon yet …. extremely nice spot georges and pierre .

    If you want to see what Perfection is all about , just look to this 911 GT3.

  4. @Zo ….. hey Zo , well IMO the S2000 is a very nice Sportscar , i mean it looks good , it sounds good , it is a 2 seater roadster , it is RWD which will provide lots of Fun around the corners . If you search for the true Definition of “Sportscar” , you will find :” 2 seater , open top , RWD , performs beautifully , Fun , engine in front . As you can see , the S2000 got it all .

    Overall , i really like this car .

  5. ur right el khoury but like tiff needel said that this car is for fun and not for every day
    btw, 9000 RPM heheh

  6. Jeremy Clarkson adores the car..w its the best car ely bta3mel donuts.!!:P lool its a fun car to drive. Really. i sat in it bi el Biel’s Car festival they had a black 1. i sat in it w i still remember that it costed around 43000$ .. its a really nice car..especially the wonderful interior.so simple, thus so useful.

  7. @georgeskhai….. That’s right , i mean this car keep going till 9000 RPM for god’s sake ! lol , that’s the high revving V-tec engine . The problem is , in everyday driving , you won’t be able to feel the instant quick accelerations of that car , that car start to be happy after 6000 RPM , which is good if you want to race , but not really enjoying and “tastefull” in everyday driving.

    @Zo …. yea i also sat in it in ‘2005 Lebanon motorshow’ , nice car.

  8. Hey guys..waiting for the GT2 to come out..faster than this one…
    2004 GT3 takes 4.5 sec 0-100 km
    2004 GT2 takes 4.0 sec 0-100 km

    so this GT3 must sprint a little bit faster than 4.5 sec IMO

  9. @pierre …… yea , this GT3 goes from 0-60mph (0-96Km/h) in just 4.1 seconds , so it will take 4.3s to reach 100km/h .

    The next GT2 will be faster than the current 997 Turbo , which is a really really fast car .

  10. @ EL KHOURY…aha okayyzz…
    btw i spotted an AUDI RS4 3 weeks ago at raouche & i hope the pics will be posted soon….betsattil..

  11. @pierre ….Can’t wait to see it bro ! i love the RS4 …

    @eliedh ….. Again, a top gear accident on an another Koenigsegg , this time a more powerful koenigsegg . The CCXR is a really dangerous car , too much power , and light weight ….

    This crash joins the other crashes that Top gear crew was involved in ….

  12. the CCXR is a 1018 HP car and its Twin SUPERCHARGED..its a very very powerful car..bass when u watch this video i think that u will respect the Bugatti more because the veyron handles better than a lotus elise..damnnn!! the Bugatti is fineeeeee

  13. @ ZO…u’re right man the CCXR got 1018 HP but is as fast as the 3.8L V6 700HP TWIN TURBO of the RUF CTR 3…hehe…i mean both got a acc of 3.2 sec but the Koenigsegg got more top speed..

  14. hey ZO i think that the Veyron MUST handles better than the ELISE ino it got a 4 WD system and cars capable of +400 KM/hr must handles very well btw the elise got half of the TOP SPEED of the veyron hehe
    btw jeremy clarson said that the koenigsegg the CCX i think accelerate from 0-60 in 3 secondes

  15. Jeremy Clarkson said that the veyron handles and goes through corners better than a lotus elise.

  16. i could be
    btw comet r u the owner of the G35 ??
    so i think u live their in achrafieh coz kenet dall choufa hone

  17. @ COMET…hey i just wanted to ask u the same question but GEORGES saba2ne..
    do u own a red G35 with red Xenon lights ??

  18. hey guys , yea Comet has a red G35 , with blue Xenon lights i guess , not red …..

  19. I dont live in Achrafieh… but I’m there a lot..
    my friend tho has another red one, and I think he lives in Achrafieh 🙂
    I have blue Xenons…
    damn… I’m known for having a red G.. cool 😀

  20. Hi all
    if comet is right the porsche dealership is a lucky man because this car cost more than 162.500$

    this gt3 seems to be equipped with the clubsport package… (carrera gt seats…)

  21. it is most probably him…
    I recall him telling me that he has a 997 GT3…
    and I think he did say his was white… what are the odds it’s someone else 😀

  22. Hey guyss…this GT3 costs 79450 pounds…i heard about it in Fifth gear website & it takes 4.3 sec to reach the 100 km/h as EL KHOURY told me…& has a top speed of 310 km/h…very nice….the top speed of this car is the same as the RS4 & M3 but it surely reaches it before the others do because of the aerodynamic body it has…

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  24. wlak ana 7dorto..bas soorte ma kteer wad7a which means l film jdeed msawar bi america w baa3d ma nezel 3al leb..bas ya khaye fi 599 w cars nezle bil 2006.so kteer jdeed.

  25. damn it..mish kfeye eno l ENZO 3al2ane bil matar..la2 kamen fi SLR 3al2ane bil masna3(l 7dood) jeye mn barra..7adan shefa 3ala LBC??

  26. hi guys you are talking about the new film red line do you know that the producer is lebanese from tripoli his name is daniel sadek and he is a cousin of my cousins .mutimillardaire i wish give me one of his cars ciaooooooooo,so be proud of that

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