9 thoughts on “Tuned Mazda RX7”

  1. Hey JAY…ur car shouldn’t be posted here for only 1 reason because it’s not spotted in lebanon & our website is designed for cars in lebanon…BUT it’s a very very nice & awesome car & it got a very good looking engine & i’m sure it’s too powerfull…
    btw can u give us the number of HP & what did u put in it!! does it have nitrous oxide on it?? plz tell us about the engine & how much it costed for all the body work & the engine…

  2. hey all this is rotary engine 13b twin turbo aboout 300 hp,
    theres blow off valves no nitrous but nitrous kit , compresd cold air intake with flat radiator , so fast acceleration mish tabee3e ma bit2ilkon bas kilma tid3as kilma tekhod w min 0-100 ma ba3ref bisara7a bas bitsheel ,l motor mkallaf 3000 just for rebuilding rotors, w chrome ma ba3ref la 2inno jibta heyk wel body kits ma b3ref kamen kenet heyk bas ana jibta 23000 $

  3. hey man i donno a lot about mazda but i think thet the 1st rotary engine was introduced on the RX8 and it produces 228 HP mazbout ??

  4. @ GEORGES…yeah it’s right man…but i think he changed the engine & he introduced the RX8 engine in this one with some chips..right jihad ??

  5. hi shabeb kifkun , awwal shi rotary engine ballash 1954 ,bas Mazda’s first rotary engined car was the 1967 Mazda Cosmo , w kaffo lal 2002 ekhir model mazda rx7 , wel new generation lal rx7 nezel l rx8 , w iza badkun fikun t2oulo rx2, rx3 ,rx7 ,rx8 so” R “for rotary ,just in mazda .bas yimkin ma keno yib3ato 3ala libnen l rotary engined cars mumkin ma ba3ref bas mitel hayde l mazda 3rd generation ma shefet mitla bi libnen ba3ed w ana 3refet l mazda rx7 hon bi canada kenet a3refa bas bil playstation 2 , bas ma kenet ekhida la 2inni b7eb l porsche kteer , w bil nisbe lal engine hayda l original engine mish rx8 w hayda 13b r type hayda special edition nezel minno bas iltilkun innu ana jibta hek mish ana 3amel l engine wil body kits ,w hpower ya am sure inna aktar min 300 hp w 3anjad aktar w shu baddi ilkun ba3ed saree3a bas ma 3am fiyye l police bas yshuf siyarat hek bitle2e le72ak 3an b3eed byib2a nater bas la yil7a2ak bas ana libnene w bta3erfo asde so mnitsalla hahaha , yallah take care shabeb byebye salmo kteer 3ala hawa libnen

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