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  1. Ohh!! i know this place :P. So a Pagani Zonda actually exists in Lebanon ?.. Wonderful spot Johny, take care..ramadan kareem to all 🙂

  2. this is not a gd photo we cant see if it is a zonda
    l soura mish wawd7a yimkin terkib
    sooo hop it was a zonda

  3. Guys we all know this street! Bass the thing that got me alot of doubts is that we when see a Pagani Zonda on the street you take like a thousand photos, not only one that is MESSED UP :S

  4. Sorry guys, i got another pic but its even more messed up, that was all i could see of the car and it looked like a zonda to me, i keep a cam in my car but the batteries were dead so i had to take the pic with my cell, and well thats what the pics look like when there is no proper lighting :S
    Ramadan Karim

  5. whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAGANI ZONDAAAAA…ohhh my godddd!!! very very nice spot johnny!!!! wooowww…i rate this spot the 1st on EXOLEB…even better than the ENZO!! cuz it was on the highway!!! good job!!! johnny u’re the best man!

  6. hey guys i wonder why the picture isn’t so clear??!! cuz it’s obvious that it was in a rush!! so mafi de3e tkoun flou !! so plz JOHNNY would u explain!!

  7. the picture is flou la eno it takes shi 10 seconds to take a pic in low light conditions with my imate jamin, everyone who has that phone knows it sucks for pictures, and there was an asshole who kept honking the horn behind me(as if the road would magically open), and yes the plates were lebanese.. i took 2 pictures, they looked good on the phone bes i saw how bad they were when i sent it to my pc… i can send the other pic if anyone wants it, but its much worst than this one.

  8. Dear Exoleb Members,
    I have some good news for you.
    Mohammad Al Raai bought the Koenigsegg CCX. 810 BHP, V8 Twin Supercharged. He went to Sweden and bought the car at a price of 1000000$. Bass he’s not going to ship the car to lebanon. By the way just wanted to tell you guys that Mohammad visits ur site alot of times :). You guys spotted his Ferrari 360 Spider more than 3 times on this website. We recognize the License Plate : G329042
    Take Care all. I just wanted also to mention that there are alot of Lebanese guys with very nice exotics in other counties, they don’t ship them to Lebanon because of the road and all. Take care all. This is also a prove, DONT MESS WITH LEBANON 🙂

  9. i don’t think it’s a zonda… zonda’s doesn’t have any grills at the back, i can see 2 big grills, noh??? i ckecked all the pagani’s pictures… i can’t find those grills…i don’t think it’s a zonda although i hope so…

  10. oh nice info 10x ZO
    1st i wasnt sure of the zonda but Xavier saw it so khallas it’s sure hehe
    no pffence johny and a SPECIAL thanks to u man:D

  11. hey MOKH…how the hell could u think that the ZONDA doesn’t have any grill at the back!!! it surely does man!!! take a good look…

    btw as ZO said that XAVIER spotted it at Mansourieh! XAV told me that on facebook…btw i hope to spot it one day cuz i live there!

  12. Ah great to know someone else also spotted it, unfortunately thats as close as i could get to it so i couldn’t really tell if it was a replica or not because i don’t even know how the real one looks in details 🙂 we don’t see a zonda everyday, it’s not like a ferrari hehe

  13. Guys i think this is not a pagani cs the zonda’s have 2 chafras and the back!! one on the right and one on the left just look at other pics! google or yahoo!! its not one chafra as this one!!! maybe its a replica!!:S:S:S ANYWAYYY its a good car!! ramadan kareem all!:D

  14. hey SHANT the PAGANI u’re talking about is the S version!!! but there is a PAGANI with 1 spoiler!! it’s only called PAGANI ZONDA…the one u’re talking about is called PAGANI ZONDA S. & there’s also the PAGANI ZONDA F which has a full carbon fibre body…btw halla2 sar fi new 2007 PAGANI ZONDA..

  15. btw guys this car has a V12 7.3L engine by AMG..with 550HP & takes around 3.2 sec to reach the 100 km/h…
    btw the new ZONDA is called 2007 PAGANI ZONDA R…


  17. thts not a paganic zonda… its a replica.. i have seen it in every angle and in close up.. hehe its funny…. its not a pagani zonda.. from the rear its a replica of a pagani zonda and fromt he front it looks like a lambo

  18. oh i see..
    @ Haitham this is a Pagani Zonda and it has a Lebanese license plate! kil el shabeb shefeta 3ala Antelias w el Mansooriyeh even Xavier, its a Zonda.

  19. well guess the sterling pic just tells u in the face, no its not a freakin zonda!,especially that this 1 n the sterling n this 1 are the same, may be the one xavier saw was a real zonda. hope we see a real 1 anyway.

  20. guys i will send u pics as soon as posible of ths acr and the tuned toyota i thnk but how can i send them 2 ths site i know how 2 do it on facebook

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