This car was spotted by Roy Chehwane near the Jaguar – Lamborghini – Fiat – Rolls Royce – Bentley – Aston Martin dealership. As you can see the car is a little special the rear looks like the rear of a Zonda and it has a Maserati logo on it with “Sterling” written. If you have any info about it please share them in the comment section.

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  1. this car is all fake as u can see from the plugged front sensors to the rear black grill. the guy took looks from each car such as the zonda n the masaratti mc 12 n tried to come up with a special replica. its a nice and good job but the car is fake. custom made. no such masaratti or any car that looks like this.

  2. this car looks that it was designed by a company belonging or a branch of Maserati. But i m sure tht they started with the scatch of a Pagani Zonda Body design, really if u look at it sideways it looks just like a zonda, then this company modified the ezaust style and the tail lights slightly nd totally redesigned the body. The front lights look like they were taken from a previous Maserati model. thts all i no, hope this helps.

  3. guys, dnt think this is the same car taken in the other zonda foto that johny took, the other one is a real zonda with a lisence plate either saudi or emarati since it doesnt have the blue marcin on the left of the plate.

  4. guys i think i know what this car is… its not a maserati but a Sterling, an old car brand that isnt in existence anymore.
    if u look at the last car they made you will see a lot of differences. i think its the same car just that this was “pimped up” a little, a new body kit and the whole rear seems to have been changed. Maserati doesnt make this car…

    but heres the site. u decide for urself πŸ™‚

  5. The Sterling was originally created in England in 1971 as the Nova component car before being introduced in America renamed as the Sterling. It was sold in Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand with an estimated 5,000 sold in Europe. The Nova/Sterling is also the only kit car to grace the cover of Car and Driver magazine. It also was featured in Road and Track magazine when it was first introduced.

    The original developer of the Sterling/Nova was Richard Oakes a sculptor and Phil Sayers an engineer. They set out to design a desirable sports car to sell at a reasonable price. The Sterling/Nova was so successful in the first year of production in the UK they could not keep up with the orders. Advertisements and articles in major magazines drove inquiries up to 800 a week. It was introduced at the Sydney International Auto show with great success. It was quickly licensed to companies in several other countries. The car was produced in Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, and the United States. It was renamed in each country. The component cars were produced with Volkswagen chassis, race chassis, and rally suspensions based on the customers special expectations for use on or off the track. I’m told that it is still being raced today in other countries. Currently there are several web sites devoted to these cars and their history. A newly formed club in the United States is devoted to bringing Sterling owners together. It has been an invaluable resource for everyone involved giving us more insight into this admired car. This is only a quick overview about the Nova/Sterling; please click on links at our home page for more great sites for reference.

  6. if this is a replica for me it’s a success and this man must go and design cars hehe
    i read about the sterling/nova and i saw some pictures so the guys are right. the owner used the chassis of this 1970 sterling and get it renovated in a better way.

  7. 1st of all, as ZO said this car deserves too much credits cuz it’s nicely faked!! this a good job guyz! but i still need to take a close look at its’ details!! hope i will soon!!
    2nd of all, BILAL i don’t really agree with you that it’s not the same that johnny took a pic of!! cuz in johnnys’ pic u can see that it is too high of the ground & i think ZONDAS are lower!! so it looks like it’s the same!!
    3rd, after looking to the link that RAMI gave us, i realised that the Sterling company & the Maserati company are like Honda & Acura & many others…they make the same models but with different names & some little difference!! but i think this one is an idea that reunite ZONDA with some other car!!
    & 4th, SPECIAL THANKS TO JOE SAKR for the informations he gave us!! would plz tell us what do u do & who u are…glad to have u as a member on EXOLEB!!

  8. hehe lol, i dont think its like honda and acura (same car diff name) coz if u look at all maserati’s models, you wont find one that looks like this, ive checked πŸ˜›
    like i said, its probably just a guy’s personal project. at the begining of this week on tv they showed a Ford GT turned into a monster truck, they just bought the body, so i think this guy just bought the body n modified it onto the sterling.
    after all the sterling is pretty cheap, $20,000 if its in excellent condition so even after modding it wouldnt be that expensive, especially for that great super car look.
    plus i dont think its a maserati coz i didnt find a logo with the GT written directly on it like in this pic, once again i say, personal modded car πŸ˜›

    but thats 4 u guys 2 decide πŸ˜›

  9. Guys our technician in FVD is also a technician in Ferrari and Lamborghini company, but he’s abroad now for his mechanical skill updates in Germany, anyway i can get access to IN WHAT THE HELL IS THAT CAR????? when he gets back.

  10. Nice repilca but don’t waste ur time guys its neither a zonda nor a maserati , but i have to say that its a nice Job done on that car.

  11. btw, guys this front looks familiar 2 me i think i saw it but i can’t remenber where (eno i saw it on a site , nwy i’l try 2 find it)

  12. lk sorry guyz i made a mistake, the sterling n the zonda spoted by johny r the same cus if u lk clearly u can see the maserati logo on the rear window n u can see the black sensors on the bumper, theres no zonda in lebanon after all

  13. yeah i know this car ,it’s really a Maserati Granturismo but with a after market body kit, i’ve seen this car before on the internet, the company that produces that body-kits calls the car Sterling

  14. ya ziad ur right, it runs in the family :), btw is the engine the one of an original sterling or they replaced it with a custom 1?

  15. hey all
    I think that this is not the original look of the car I saw it before and it has a toyota motor ,of course a body kit is installed..

  16. lool FAISSAL!!! go get some knowledge about cars!! NO OFFENSE…the MASERATI GRAN TURISMO is a 2007 model & its chassis is surely longer than this one!! so no need to dought about it!! tc

  17. i kind of agree with pierre, its impossible 4 this cazr 2 be a maserati granturismu ( I no wat faysal thaught, he thought that the gt are the innitials of granturismu, but nice try, they rnt) anyway the maserati granturismu in still a concept and wont be on sale till the end of the year of the begining of next year, and 2nt, the motor of a maserati is MUCH MUCH MUCH …….. LONGEr than the rear of this car, so like pierre said the bodykit simply wont fit on the chassis. Guys, plz, even though it has a maserati logo on it, it doesnt mean its a maserati.

  18. hey BILAL the MASERATI GRAN TURISMO isn’t a concept anymore!!! my dad took pictures of it while he was in MIAMI 4 months ago! kenit bi ma3rad for used cars!!

  19. walla, i didnt no, sry, specially tht no ma3rad contains it here, i also wanna add that the granturismu has a front engine n this one has a back engine, i think like georges said, its a sterling with a neww body kit placed of the old chassis, especially that the sterling had no doors, but the hole roof with the doors (Roof+door r attatched)used to open so u can get in , but i guess since he wanted to make it a conv. , then he decided 2 keep the idea of no doors, heres a foto of the sterling with the roof up:

  20. the nova car was made in the UK when the US took it and specifically Chevrolet they called it Sterling i think this guy re-designed the whole car becuase if you look at all the nova sterling cars you will see that all of them are old there is only one which is convertable and none of them have the same design in the back, they all have theyr exhaust on the bottom and not in between the tail lights. the head lights are newly designed and the whole car has the body of a nova sterling i dont know where the maserati logo came from but i might be mistaken and maybe maserati baught nova or the sterling company and redesigned the car for a year or maybe it has something to do with the vauxhall company from the UK…. its a nice looking car but from what i’ve researched the nova or the sterling w e you want to call it is not a good of a car it will cause alot of engine problems.

  21. about the engine problem i dont have any idea but when we wanna talk about the design i think it’s a very nice car

  22. shu boiiz its doin ur head in yea u gotta be a car freak to no bout it its a maserati concept car u wont find much around u should feel privlaged to have even seen one yalla bye boiiz

  23. Yes – this is a KIT CAR. A customized Sterling Kit Car.

    It IS NOT a factory produced turn-key car that someone bought at a dealership but a custom – created car based on the basic Sterling Kit Car. People have been doing stuff like this with kits since the late 1960’s

  24. This is indeed a British designes kit car that was called a ‘Nova’. Designed in 1971. They were then sold as kits in the USA under the name of ‘Sterling’, and also in Australia under the name of ‘Pervis Eureka’.
    I have been involved with these cars for 4 years. I have 2 Pervis Eureka’s.
    They were designed to fit on a Volkwsagen Beetle chassis. Most had all the standard V.W. running gear, but some were fitted with different engines.
    One of mine has a standard V.W 1500cc air cooled engine, the other one has a Subaru 2000cc Turbo ‘EJ20T’ engine.
    These cars were mostly sold as kits. There were very few turn key cars sold.
    Link to the Pervis Eureka site –
    Link to my Pervis Eureka –

  25. this car is a sterling nova kit car based on a vw it was owned by my uncle

    me friend got it from him and we worked on the body as you can see. a little face lift so nobody can know the car. it is nice to see such discussions so i can say that we have made a good job. my friend changed the engine 1st time to toyota GT4 and 2nd time cadillac v8 somthng arr 300bhp. alpine 20″ rims, sparco seats, and a lot of modified stuff.

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