15 thoughts on “Infiniti FX 45 with body kit”

  1. but still Shant is right!! when i first saw the previews i thought it was the cayenne!! anyway i think they ruined it :s

  2. i saw the same car on bliss a month ago :), i asked the guy the name of the model he told me it was a infiniti fx45 magnum tech art with weight reduction parts, he said he payed $20,000 to create the tech art body kit of the cayenne to fit on his infiniti, b ut 2 me it loox awsome, n it should be faster since its got weight reduction parts.

  3. @ BILAL…dude if u get a bit closer to this FX u can see that the body is shitty!! fiyo ktir defauts man! i saw all the details! i’m sure it didn’t cost him 20000$ & when u see it u’ll realise that there’s smth wrong about it cuz he needs to put wider rims just to fit with the body!

    @ SHANT….never mind man! i’ll edit ur post dude..:)

  4. yo Pierre man really i didnt realize, but lately i realized that the front bumper is fitted properly infront of the air filter at all, and it wasnt originally done by the techart company but it was custom made, but hey, i asked him n he spit out 20k u no saudis with money would pay anything:)…

  5. Yrou7 yel3ab, awal shi mish 7elo el body :S:S mish lebe2lo ya3ne, w mbayan metel l bsein 😀 leik jnouto man feytin la jouwa :S:S

  6. This FX belongs to a lebanese guy, talked to him once next to freddy’s hotdogs. He drew the whole bodykit and it made it in Saudi arabia, tech art wont do such a job.

  7. the son of the owner is in brummana high school i saw this fx twice next to the football field

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