16 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Maybach”

  1. saw this same car in Kaslik, driving past Nandos, abt a month ago… pretty cool that the owner decided to register 2 leb # plate

  2. oh shit a maybach with leb number plates!!! would look so much better if the plates were black with fat silver numbers

  3. Wondering how much it cost him to register this car. but wait if the car has the letter M before the number that means its not register and i think this is the case here !!! so cheer up hehe

  4. hey guys, my name is omar. I am the craziest fan of the maybach. This beauty is a 57 and for those who would like to see more exotic cars including the maybach, got to Fakhoury Motors co on ramlet el bayda! I love MAYBACH!!!! plus there is another one that is owned by the embassedor of somthing in verdun. 57 and charcoal and light grey color. It has a yellow diplomatic number. thank u and good luck my exotic lover friends!!!!

  5. This Maybach, I think, is owned by the owner or manager of Fakhoury Motors, because when I went there once, I saw a guy talking to the workers about how to park the car. The next thing I now, he rides in his Maybach. No driver, he drives it himself. Saw him twice, nearby Fakhoury! I got pics on my iPhone, but they suck.

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