18 thoughts on “Bugatti Veyron”

  1. do you know where this guy really lives cause kell shakhes bi 2oul shi so 2eza hada 3ando information to check it out i saw on antelias highway

  2. No man I am sure abt my info my friend told me he lives close to him w 2abel ma tenzal hal l soora he tld me fi wa7ad seken 7ado ma3 Veyron blue and silver

  3. but the swiss plate is a temporary one and he has to be registered living here in zรผrich so he gets the plate on his name so either he lives in switzerland or in rabyeh na2o w sta7lo:P

  4. I know the guy, he owns many other cars, from ferrrari’s to lambo’s to buggati’s he a real car fan… its a swiss number plate btw but hes lebanese

  5. BTW…does any1 know if 2010 Summer had a visit from any bugatti like last summer. maybe the same guy?? Is there is inform us so we can spot it and take pics!!!

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