Chevrolet Camaro SS-RS

These Camaro photos were taken by me (Pierre Ziadeh) before i drove this car & tested the 6.2L & 440 HP power! this car is extremely fast knowing it is a little slower than the Corvette C6 because the C6 has a lighter body! but the sequential gearbox makes u feel like u’re in a supercar not a muscle car! i loved the engine revving when decreasing speed! the gearbox is great & very smooth!
finally for around 75k$ car i would say it’s a great car to own & u can even have more power than u get in a same budget car like the Infiniti G37 or anything like it! it’s MUSCLE CAR after all!
it was a great experience & thanks to my friend Georges Aouad who gave me the chance to test it!

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This event took place on the 1st of june. Pictures were taken by Georges & Pierre. Thanks for Mr. Boghossian

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