Haifa Wehbe in Serious Car/Plane Accident

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The Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe survived a serious car accident while filming the video clip of her latest song ‘Hassa if Benna Haga’ in Lebanon’s Rayak Airport.

During the video clip a plane is supposed to chase Haifa’s car and fly close to it, but the plane pilot didn’t estimate the distance between the plane and the car correctly so the plane’s wing hit Haifa’s convertible car.

The hit caused the windshield of the car to brake throwing glass at Haifa and others in the car, it also ruptured the plane fuel tank spilling Kerosene on Hayfa and the crew and later causing a fire on the plane.

The Lebanese Army quickly came to the rescue, taking Hayfa to a nearby Hospital.

After the Accident Haifa replied to some question from “LBCI” TV (video bellow) and assured everyone she was okay and thanked her doctors, the Lebanese Army and everyone who helped her.

You will find bellow pictures of the accident and 2 videos, the first one is the “LBCI” video of Hayfa after the accident, the second one is an “Al Arabiya” video showing the accident as it happened

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Various Wrecks

Some Various Wrecks.
-The first one was spotted by Georges Khairallah near spyness Achrafieh a VW gooing at over 100km/h caused the accident.
-I spotted the CRV at the Honda Dealearship.
-Eric saw this Mercedes in Mansourieh, it was a victim of a Van overtaking a car.
-The Mitsubishi SUV/car accident was spotted by Georges Khairallah.
-The Peougeot accident was also spotted by Georges Khairallah.
-I spotted the car on its back in Naccache on the 13-03-06.