Various Wrecks

Some Various Wrecks.
-The first one was spotted by Georges Khairallah near spyness Achrafieh a VW gooing at over 100km/h caused the accident.
-I spotted the CRV at the Honda Dealearship.
-Eric saw this Mercedes in Mansourieh, it was a victim of a Van overtaking a car.
-The Mitsubishi SUV/car accident was spotted by Georges Khairallah.
-The Peougeot accident was also spotted by Georges Khairallah.
-I spotted the car on its back in Naccache on the 13-03-06.

5 thoughts on “Various Wrecks”

  1. Hey, I’m the owner of the Mercedes that was the victim of the van, damn; it was one hell of an accident. I didn’t have my seat belt on and nothing happened to me, it’s a miracle! My girlfriend was next to me, she had her seat belt on but was sitting towards me, so her neck and back-head were hurt, but she’s fine now. In the back was my friend and his girlfriend, that is the sister of my girlfriend, lol; they weren’t hurt as much as they were shocked. Damn man, I wasn’t speeding, I was just going 80 Km/H on a 40 Km/H curve road during the day when it’s busy the most, and I got a 25% responsibility, :D. The driver of the white van had a four-hour operation for his hand where he put two steel bars, poor guy. My car is estimated for a $3000 fixing price. The chassis wasn’t hurt a bit. What can I say? German cars, The Best!

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