Haifa Wehbe in Serious Car/Plane Accident

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The Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe survived a serious car accident while filming the video clip of her latest song ‘Hassa if Benna Haga’ in Lebanon’s Rayak Airport.

During the video clip a plane is supposed to chase Haifa’s car and fly close to it, but the plane pilot didn’t estimate the distance between the plane and the car correctly so the plane’s wing hit Haifa’s convertible car.

The hit caused the windshield of the car to brake throwing glass at Haifa and others in the car, it also ruptured the plane fuel tank spilling Kerosene on Hayfa and the crew and later causing a fire on the plane.

The Lebanese Army quickly came to the rescue, taking Hayfa to a nearby Hospital.

After the Accident Haifa replied to some question from “LBCI” TV (video bellow) and assured everyone she was okay and thanked her doctors, the Lebanese Army and everyone who helped her.

You will find bellow pictures of the accident and 2 videos, the first one is the “LBCI” video of Hayfa after the accident, the second one is an “Al Arabiya” video showing the accident as it happened

LBCI video :

Al Arabiya Video :

8 thoughts on “Haifa Wehbe in Serious Car/Plane Accident”

  1. Hey guys
    does anyone know what’s Hayfa’s car???
    She usually drives a Modena but what is the one she was driving in the clip??? I am guessing it’s an old Mercedes.

  2. MMMM i have no idea but it’s a collection car (lolll ktir fedetkoun:P)
    so we can conclude that the driver of the chopper is PRO hehe:P
    i think it’s wrong that the fuel tank crashed because awal chi ma kena 2arrabo hal2ad w tene chi chou eza 7ada safa2o BOX btekessir l fuel tank come on:S

  3. I don’t think it’s the glass that damaged the fuel tank, I thinks it’s the steel frame of the windshield that could have made the damage.

  4. akid not the glass lolll
    but i dont think that this small accident will damage the fuel tank ( the tank must be place in the middle od the chopper) anyway everything is possible

  5. now i watched the video bass i think fi contradiction:S ( coz haifa said that the kerozen fall on her and that wrong because they also said that the plane took fire so if that’s is right i think that haifa would become carbonised ):S

  6. i think that haifa has a good luck cause doctors said that she has a small scratch on her head and if it was bigger haifa would be dead alhamdela ala salemtek ya ahla haifa

  7. its a buick electra 225 convertable 1967 ! i have the same car and its a shame this car is wrecked since only 20 were produced:(

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