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  1. habibi u can get boxter in low 20s no accidents…kela sha2fet boxter…shu 3m te7keeh ya kamal??? he doesnt even care and u can tell from the clear koerean made rear lights that he got on…thats how cheap this car is getting…..
    the boxter is fading out..its been out since 1997 and the precceeding model for it whihc in my opinion is the cayman ” crocodile”…. its the first year for cayman and i think the company will study and observe the success of the cayman, and if it does my guess the boxter will be out…

  2. never mind my quote about the rear lights…didnt notice that the cover was ripped off ….. on the left side..

  3. @ hamze’ farhat …… Kella sha2fet Boxster ?? do you even know that the Boxster is the most pure Porsche in the dealers right now ?!
    Now people here will start saying things like; ?Ǩ?Oh but the 911 has a longer history?Ǩ or ?Ǩ?The 911 is faster.?Ǩ
    The 911, no surprise, is faster but that in its self doesn?ǨѢt make it more pure. So that brings me to my other point, the 911 doesn?ǨѢt really have more history. Yes it does go back to 1963 compared to 1997(first boxster into production) but that?ǨѢs only in name. In spirit the Boxster goes back much longer.
    Porsche’s first car was the 356, first made in 1948; a lightweight, low power, mid engined, 2 seater. Sold in either Coupe or convertible guises.
    And the boxster has the same charactesitics that i mentioned earlier about the first Porsche. So 3raf Terikh l sirayarat abel ma tehke 3anoun …… And it is one of the best sportscars in the market right now . (mech kel chi bel 0-60 wel top speed ya chabeb , fi chi esmo HANDLING , nchala tkouno bta3erfo chou ye3ne)

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  5. I bought this car in 2006 i paid the owner a raaboun in order to make the papers and get it he called me after 2 days telling me he made an accident!!and here you can see the pics i bought it for 35000 US$ back then

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