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  1. hey guys, i guess it is an old rolse royce cause these models look like it, it is used for weddings, they are rented , i think i saw it onceeeeeee

  2. why dont you stop wondering around!?! this is a Buick LeSabre, but the front chasis is replaced with that custom made classical-look front, while the back is just done with fiber above the original Buick LeSabre back. anyway, this car isnt safe at all!!

  3. Quote Kamal: “anyway, this car isnt safe at all!!”

    When I passed it it didn’t look safe it looks like a big car not holding together

  4. it is an american car, its a custom make, its called a Zimmer, american design, german technology. Zimmer designs are very weird

  5. ahhhh..the car looks soo weird ..fron and back looks customized…and thatsss alongggggggggggg assssssss chasis man..it feels like this car was built on a 16 wheeler chasis lol…

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