11 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz CLS 500”

  1. Wissam Actually I decided some time ago to stop posting normal CLS and to just post CLS55AMG or BRABUS but I am not receiving any so I decided to post a CLS 500

  2. elie if u are putting cls 500, u should put the range rover vogue, or the cayenne turbo those are the most wanted cars in the arabian countries, and there are alot, and i mean a lot in leb, ana 3andi vogue bil binayi, so if u will start putting those pics, i will take a pic of it and send it to you, this site is for exotic cars, and wanted cars or desirable cars are exotic cars!!!!!!!!

  3. yo2borneeeeeee el farafeeeeeeeeeeeerrr elee sayra 3mbtefham bel sayarat….i admire that of a girl /..seiouslyy

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