13 thoughts on “BMW M5”

  1. hey farfoura i’ll submit some photos of a ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM and near it there is a aston martin vanquich and a SLR

  2. yeh sahib il phantom is the father of that of the vanquish, they always ride behind each other andgo to places with each other, once we saw them in a club with each other, a dad and his son, who would have wonderd

  3. anuuu its very typical to show off….ya3ny if these cars are chilling in my garage, the hell im gonna take it out and show it off at the best spots…thats human instincts…….
    bas what i dont understand anu one car, maybe 2 but 3 cars dragged all the way from saudi to bling bling them in public…now thats what i call exaggeration…

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