13 thoughts on “Wrecked Ferrari F355 Berlinetta”

  1. aziz..hey man..leik bi hayda l gaarageg kenet we2fe diablo vt safra 3am bysal7o chi feeya..true.???..cuz shefta mn shi 1 month..hayda l garage bysale7 all ferraris and lamborghinis 3ala ma azon

  2. No, this garage is called FVD it is for my cousin, bi sali7 w bya3mil tuning la Porsches, bass el mechanic 3endo byeshteghil bil Ferrari wel Lamborghini so bi sal7o kamein.

  3. So aziz you are elie’s cousin?his partner is also my cousin but the garage is closed long ago and i saw that car there

  4. even if dated in 2007…i am about to purchase a f355 this week that looks a lot like the one in the pic…can you please confidentially send me the plate number as you will be helping me avoid a lot of future expenses… thanks a million…this site rules

  5. The berlinetta in the photo was sold to Frederic Mansour and the plate number was B 11355 but it was changed, my spider’s plate was O 675 and now dnt know what coz sold it on the 28th of April and bought an F360 Challenge Stradale and the O 675 is on it. The 355 spider was fully serviced before being soild, all timing belts, brakes, oil and fluids were changed paid about 2600$ for the service, the car is in great shape and A condition, so Hobec if u are thinking of buying an F355 spider go for it, the production line of 355s was 11000 cars of which 5000 berlinetta, 5000 GTS (targa), and only 1000 spider made as collection car

  6. thanks a lot for your responses as in fact it was the car i was going to buy…owing to you i have purchased the 355 gts that i found posted on your site 🙂 As for the spyder…it got sold the day i went to see it on dbayeh high way..

    you have been a great help…sincerely hobec

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