21 thoughts on “BMW M3 CSL”

  1. very nice & beautiful car!! nice spot JIHAD…
    very powerful one too!! btw it’s the first one on this website!!

  2. yeah u’re right GEORGES!!!! the CSL betkoun nechfe men jouwwa w mafiya chi !!! la radio wala A/C…hayde normal M3 w mzabbata metel el CSL just like TAREK’S…

  3. hehehe guys ma te7kou ktir. i ask the owner of this car. w it’s a real M3 CSL… with a SMG. so la mzabata walla chi. jeye tabi3iye min cherke

  4. man fout 3al google 3mol search 3al BMW M3 CSL w fi soura of the inside…take a good look & then compare!!

  5. as u like man bass im sure inu it’s M3 csl..i know this car and i know alot about the CSL. so hayda ra2yak w ana be7termou… 🙂

  6. yea that’s the interior of a standard e46 M3 … The CSL has no electric seat heating or a navigation system, and both the radio and air conditioning are only available as an option , and the seats are also different than the one that are in the pics (the normal M3’s seats), in the CSL the seats are of glass-fiber -plastic bucket seats that are finished in a combination of Amaretta and fabric , and they are lighter than the M3’s seats , so something wrong in this CSL’s interior , coz it looks like the standard M3 …….

  7. u’re right EL KHOURY…that’s what i was gonna talk about!!!

    @ JIHAD…hey man 10x for respecting me & i respect u too, but if u know much about the M3 CSL u should have known that this ain’t a CSL!! NO OFFENSE man maybe ma ntabahet aw ma rakkazet 3laya! it’s ok betsir ma3na kellna…ciaozz

  8. hayde 100% manna csl la2anno u cnt even tell bmw enno baddak kel hal options inside it wa2ella shu el fare2 bayna w ben el normal M3 mn bala habal fakir abel ma te7ke ok!bas 7elwe:d

  9. This is a standard BMW M3 and its not a CSL u can know from the windows 7atta:p they are ELECTRIC MESH ROLL UP:P:P

  10. Guys, you don’t even need to look at this M3’s interior to know if it’s a CSL or not. Look at the rims!!! CSL rims are a cross spoke design. Even the rear diffuser is not a CSL one. Plus the interior gives it away. Not a CSL but a very beautiful example of an M3.


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