Lamborghini Murcielago

I spotted this Lamborghini today (06-07-05) near the Phoenicia hotel in Beirut. This is Lamborghini came from Qatar the driver was wearing white from head to tow (You can see him in one of the picture).
Life is finally back to Beirut after the murders you all heard about, all the Hotel damaged by the Hariri?ǨѢs assassination are now fixed (this Lamborghini is parked in front of the hotel witch was damaged the most after the explosion.) and the tourist are coming back with there great cars for us to see and photograph ;-).

2 thoughts on “Lamborghini Murcielago”

  1. u can tell from the pic that the dude just drove from the Gulf all the way to lebanon and just got to the NY hotel….semkk el ghabrah 3l sayarah is like couple of cm’s, ba3d shway ra7 etseer chamoflague…..hahahay

    taraa agoool yoobaa sheno esaalfaa masek khat eshtoola 3alashan etyeeb sayartek….rakeb sayara se3erhaa rebe3 malyon dollar , ya akhyy sh7anha wallaa matkalef 1000 dollar…ya3ny 7aram 3l sayara mo 3l flooss…el 6areeg kelhaa ghobaaar w garf w er7am el kilometraag.. :P….hahhay tara agool ga3d aswlef anah w etghashmar weyaak yal6ayeb/………i wish this marcielago was in other colour wala yemken el ghobar emgaser feeha walaah….
    anyways yaltayeb ..ya3teek kheirhaa w yekfeek sharhaaa….khoosh sayaraa 7ag reyaal 3owd

  2. i noticed something and i hope what im hoping it is ….llook at the front tire, its kindoff higher than other defualt marcialagos i think the suspension is highered..i hope it is…oor maybe he busted the coils on the shocks..wa33333..or whatt????

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