How to photograph an exotic car.

Well it depends where you saw it.

If you are walking on the street and you see an exotic cars take your camera and start taking pictures of the car in every angle you can until your camera?「どィび「s memory is completely full.

If you are in a car and you see an exotic car parked take your camera and begin to take photos of it when approaching it continue taking photos near it and take more photos when your leaving the spot (you should not take any photos if your driving, always let a passenger take the pictures. If you really want to take pictures of the exotic car park your car and then take as many pictures as you want.)

If you are in a car and you see an exotic approaching take a picture of the rearview mirror showing the car and then take a picture of the car approaching, another picture when it is near you and one more picture when it passes you, If your are moving faster then the exotic car take a picture when you are approaching another when your near her, one from the mirror and finally one when your driving away. (Don?「どィび「t forget never take any photos if you?「どィび「re driving.)

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