Audi A8

This Audi A8 in full titatium chrome body color was spotted by Aziz Adhami near the Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon. The owner of this car (who is not Lebanese) also owns a Bentley Continental GT and … an SLR.

Sorry the picture is not very clear but Aziz took it in night mode, but since this car is probably the only A8 with this color I posted it.

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2 thoughts on “Audi A8”

  1. the audi a8 is made out of silver not titanium and its owned by sheik 7amdan al-maktoum of dubai,any ways you guys got nice cars in lebanon and guys what ever may your religion is try your best to stop that homosexuality crap,peace from md usa.

  2. Halaa wallah..hala w ghalah….yoobaaa hathi el audi laa silver w laa titanium….galoolyy enhaa chrome plated…bas wallah yemken etkoon silver 3ala gowltaak yaa redha al-huseinni….

    ehhhhhhh….w bann or should i say burn thosa motha truckers the homos…..everywhere..
    w Allah eywafeg lubnan w sha3b lubnan jamee3an….w akbar salam le sama7at el sayad….

    moraselakom akraaaam khooooozaaammm men el 7amaaaaaammmmm,, virginia usa….

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