This CLS tuned by Fab-Design was spotted in a parking near AUB, Beirut Lebanon a week ago.

CLS is becoming a popular car so from now on only modified CLS and CLS 55 AMG will be posted on the site.

Cars that will be posted in the following days:
Yesterday I was in ABC, Dbayeh and when I wanted to go, the car didn’t want to, so it wouldn’t start and we tried to figure out what was wrong with it and we found out that the battery was dead so we charged it a little bit in order to get the car started to go home and today we took it to the dealearship to change the battery, on my way to the dealearship I saw and photographed a Bentley Continental GT, and in the road leading to the dealearship there was a wrecked Range Rover (I think its the one from the Hariri’s Murder) -I also took a picture of it- and since the car was taking a lot of time to get fixed I walked a little bit near the dealearship and while I was walking I saw an Aston Martin DB9 comming to the dealearship -I am not the only one with problems- (one more photo) and after it I saw a Maserati Quatroporte and a fake ferrari (wait and see) then I saw a Jaguar XK8 so there is many pictures that will be posted in the following days.