Ferrari Lebanon

EXOLEB.COM Exclusive: A source told me that the dealearship of Ferrari in Lebanon sold 13 cars this years. Usualy the dealer of Ferrari does not say how many cars he sold no matter who is asking but we managed to get the number, But I don’t know if this is the number of Ferraris and Maseratis sold or if its only the number of Ferraris.

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  1. Here is a small tip: Every month, the Bureau of Car Importers in lebanon issues the number of new cars registered by automtive dealers….it is usual to see that the cars sold by G.A Bazerji & Sons (Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia, Suzuki) remain zero. I guess that the dealership does not want people to know how many cars they sold. However, i guess the number 13 might quite be regular for G.A Bazerji & Sons during a month taking into consideration that the cars they sell are difficult to market.

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