8 thoughts on “Lamborghini Murcielago”

  1. Like we can see ino those pictures that aziz is a friend of the owner of that murcielago,so if u can send us a video of this exotic to hear her sound.
    2years ago i spotted a yellow murcielago and i think i spotted this one(the pics are on this site) and i asked the owner about her price he told me 300.000$ but i think it cost around half a milion $

  2. hey guys…
    i have a video for a murcielago in downtown beirut i took it on summer 2004..its a 20sec video i took it when i was undershock of seeing one in beirut ill try to upload it soon

  3. sorry ali becaise now im replying but a ferrari 360 modena cost like the gallardo around 300.000$(i so it on a lebanese site) so the murceilago will cost 500.000$

  4. in the US the coupe is $290,900 and the roadster is $328,150.

    the gallardo price is $173,600

    and you can get an F430 (successor of modena) for $174,585 for the coupe and $198,667 for the spider.

  5. hey guys wazzup i saw all the pictures and i’m really impressed by the cars youall got in lebanon and i wanted to submit some photos but first do you guys support homosexuality or do you uppose it?please some one reply////

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  7. does the owner live and work in lebanon???shu maykun shi wazir w neyib i wana hv such a great job too mafi a7la men enno lwa7ad ye2dar ytalli3 hal2ad masare w huwee be lebnen 3ayish:s

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