11 thoughts on “Tuned Audi A4”

  1. This is not my car but i’m sure that body work is important as engine mods. We have to ask the owner if he had done any engine mods?

  2. well this ride boasts a 150 hp-v6-2.8L engine and believe me its as furious as hell, its not my car but i rode it cuz i made the bodykit…

  3. if we should believe that this car is furious as hell it must go from 0-62 mph in less than 6 secs or else as mazen said a1985 gti can pass through it easily.

  4. Everyone to his own but I think that fiberglass body kits make any car look bad. They suffer from wavy paint jobs and the quality is just so so bad. I would rather spend the money on a good set of rims and lowering springs. It would make the car have a much cleaner look without ruining the original lines. In my opinion, fiberglass just ruins the car. No offence!

  5. @ rabih …… that thing is as furious as hell ?? you must be joking man …. hay2tak mech tali3 ma3 chouferiyye 2weya aw ma3oun siyarat 2weya …

  6. rafic is right …. just some springs lowering … and nice rims should do the job .. it will stay clean and not ruin the lines … and ull save some cash for ur interior or engine

  7. hello, i’m Ramzi. this is my car..the pictures have not yet been updated. I’ve changed the front bumper and the rear spoiler, added lights and rims. it’s a 2.8L Quattro that is very enjoyable on windy mountain roads. it is a 190hp V6 and does 0-60 in 8.8 with a tiptronic gearbox. too bad it’s automatic, manual does it in 7.1. If anyone is interested in buying it…give me a call (03 277 642). I’m graduating and leaving the country soon…the car is in perfect condition, 1999 model 🙂

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