6 thoughts on “Ferrari 512 TR”

  1. this site should not include cars other than the lebanese ones since as they say its the home of the exotic cars in lebanon …..only

  2. Exoleb.com accepts cars from all over the world but they should be spotted in Lebanon so even if the car is not Lebanese but it is spotted in Lebanon people are welcome to submit pictures of it to the site.
    (If you have pictures of cars not spotted in Lebanon and you want to post them in Exoleb you can submit them but they will be posted in a separate section dedicated for non Lebanese cars-this section is not created yet since no one submited pictures that where not taken in Lebanon)

  3. no man walaw there is much more than 30 walaw i think that every year 10ferraris are exported to lebanon

  4. This is one of the best Ferrari’s IMO , it’s a Testarossa , but i prefer if it wasn’t convertible ….

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