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  1. hey all,i read that haifa’s wehbe car costs 380000$ and the number plate(knowing cars model is 2003) around 10000$,so the lamborghini murcieagloo must cost not less than a half million dollar.thnx allllll

  2. hi george la2 haidi manna siyaret haifa leik ana bechteghel ma3a bel music band ma t2oul shi ma bta3erfou haifa ma3a modena spider w range rover w slr ok

  3. Khalil
    Thanks for the link but thats a missunderstanding because as you can see in the link you gave, the pictures are uploaded by Hisham and Hisham sent me more pictures of the Lamborghini and he said he spotted the car with Wissam so Wissam did not take the pictures from the internet.

    NB: I will upload the other pictures soon

  4. leik ya omar,sooon i will get u the pics(gallardo),the m5 and gallardo,s lorinser r all 4 one man,not lebanese man(he lives in ramlet l bayda,and look that pic in cardomain is submitted by my friend,we took the pic 2gather

  5. 10x man for submitting hal soora, la2nno ma7ada 3am bi sadde2nni inno shiftah 3ala ramlit il bayda.

  6. la2 ya shabib, the gallardo isnt a fake, cause me and wissam and our 3rd friend toko the picd, and i downloaded the pics at cardomain and my name is carlover_ferrari, check it and c the pic, elie plz download the pics of the gallardo i sent u but with my name, hehehehehehehehe, shou aboul wis kifni ma3ak

  7. elie send more of the p[ic of the gallardo beside the m5 and beside the lebanese citroen so he could believe us plz put ikt

  8. ya jak ya 7abib 2albi, hal siyyara manna msawara bil kuwait, la2nno kint ma3 hisham wa wissam bi ramlit il bayda lamma sawrnaha, wa 2ana a5adtillah 3 pics. iza mannak msada2neh, tell me and i will send u the pics and u will c the date and the time it was taken, and u will bellieve that we took it. plus tla3 3ala cardomain.com wa 7at chouf inno hisham nazzal il sowar bi 2issmo

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