Ferrari Enzo

This Super-Exotic was photographed by Omar Hafez in the parking of his restaurant, It belongs to his friend.

The picture was subject to a big debate and most of the people said that this picture was not authentic and that the Lebanese number plate was added to the picture, thats why I decided to remove the picture.
The picture will be reposted only if I receive more pictures of the car proving that the car is really Lebanese.

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  1. eh leiko , ana lah 2ool bas kam kilmi, ya3ne iza bidkon tisad2o inno hal enzo bi liban, sadko, bas save it and zoom it and check it with the murcialgo, wo la ma3lomitkon, mosh la abou3ayahs il enzo kanit, it was for his son ya habibi……., wo i sent the original pic ya omar, wo dont play games with ua nymore la2ano nihna mosh wilad mbarih, mosh heik ya aboul wissss

  2. people who can buy an enzo must have at least a F50 or F40 and another ferrari.moreover,im 19 and i never saw an F50 or F40 so i think there arent any enzo in lebanon

  3. lesh yalli sharou 2el enzo sharouwa men 2el enzo company , 2el enzo btechtria men 2el sherke le2zem ykoun 3andak 2el f40 wel f50 bass iza sharayta used bechtriya men doun shi w s2al iza beddak w laykou ana battalet red

  4. eh, a used enzo hehe hilwi ha, aslan leiko there are three reasongs inorder to buy and enzo, and u dont choose to buy one, u get CHOSEN by the company, and u must at least own 2 ferraris including a f-50, and one of the most important reasons IS THAT THE COMPANY MUST MAKE SURE THAT THE OWNER WOULDNT SELL HIS CAR, NOT AFTER AT LEAST A YEAR, SO THERE ISNT A USED ENZO, HILWI HA , SHOU AOUL WIS

  5. =====BIG NEWS FLASH========: Maybe this Enzo does not exist in Lebanon however 2 days ago i did SEE an enzo, the car was near monot street and its grey. I couldnt take pictures however i am sure i will see the car again and i will take photos.

  6. eh, tab leik lama tishoufa again tell me, leik yimkin midaya3 between ur dreams and reality, leik plz if u got REAL UNPLAYED PICS give it and stop saying i saw and saw and saw

  7. Hisham, i saw the car, its a grey enzo. I just posted pics of an M3 and another set of the Porsche Carrera GT, hopefully Elie will add them very soon. Anyway, i will definetly take photos of the Enzo when i see it again. I dont need to lie over here and just like you i didnt believe that it was Enzo…but it is an Enzo.

  8. khayi fakir shway, il enzo sar haka above il 1 millikon dollars mosh 750000$, ya3ne akid ma fi used ferrari enzo, aslan who would buy a ferrari enzo to sell it, it is a 100% coolection car, not not mention ino there is only 399 cars of it

  9. Hisham, you are right. 399 are built plus 1 unique edition. But this doesnt mean that a lebanese rich guy or an arab prince cannot afford it. Too bad i wasnt able to identify the lisence plate, yet i saw what i saw and ill make sure to see the car again and take the pictures. Remember, in lebanon we do have exotics.

  10. of corse we do, but mosh kilon lebanese nb, i can confirm to u that the enzo u saw wasnt lebanese,

  11. ya shabeb
    The whole thing is that no enzo was sold to a lebanese least i think so…the only source for an enzo in lebanon would be a prince from khaleej,where i have pictures of a black enzo in kuwait…
    To buy this car you should be one familiar customer to the ferrari dealership or something like that,plus,to own a ferrari the deal says you have to own an f50 or an f40 i wonder if someone had ever seen an f40 or f50..
    anyways i hope there is a ferrari enzo in lebanon…:D

  12. wlek brja3 b2elkon iza sharaytou enzo used ma darouri ykoun 3andkon 2el f40 wel f50 foutou 3ala hal site betle2ou 3 used enzo for sale w 7ata f50

  13. ya habibi ma32ol inta fi used ferrari enzo, hil 3ani ya zalame, there is only 399 of it, and it is said that its price is now 2 million dollars, wallahy il 3azim, it is 2 million dollars since it is so raire, so i dont think that any stupid person would sell his enzo, ( if he got one)

  14. shou ya omar, dont u have any more enzp pics, call ur friend and tell him to bring his enzo around to ur so called RESTAURANT for u to take it pics and send them, yalklla plz send more pics i begg u

  15. lool walaa enkon lebanesee…tyeeeeb hala2 originaaallllllleee walaa photoshop soo friggin whatt…whats this whole argument about…..i dont see where is the benefit in it if its in lebanon or not, and everyone is getting personal….wallaa kbarooo ya3amy…
    im a ferrari fanatic, and im gonna be in the industry one day inshallah… and im working on it…but i dont see the point from all this fuss…..
    ……akhhhhhhhh waa men thommaa akhhhhhh…
    Hamze’ farhat USA

  16. by the way after reading the comments…here r tipss for u guys…
    399 pieces where made, i know #400 was done and auctioned for the Tsunami relief charity…few days ago i heard that production went up 20% cuz it the demand was high for the enzo…however im not sure about this matter cuz i didnt hear any news of making more than 399………
    U DO NOT need to have F40 or F50 to buy an enzo….buttttttttt……when the car first came out, u had to be pre-approved and for that there were some specs u had to meet…owning couple of ferraris, preffered customer, a mandatory yearly service every year whihc costs 20,000 dollar…price tag for the 660 hp beast was 660 thousand dollars…but prefferred customers, dealers who were lucky enough to get it either kept it or sold it…and now many ppl bought second hand therefore they are not obliged to have any ferrari or any spec to buy…its free personal business….and legit….butt the price went up ofcourse even though it was a second hand…some prices even doubled….the price range now for this car is 900 thousand – 1.2 million, depending on the colour and mainly mileage…

    thank you

  17. when i went to dj tiesto’s concert i saw an enzo in one of the private parkins i took millions of pictures but in the party my mobile got stolen.

  18. This is the real story of the ferrari ENZO in lebanon :

    An arabian prince bought the ferrari enzo and he send it to lebanon for the Dj Tiesto concert, the ferrari was grey, he got it for like 3 weeks —> 1 month cruised in it in leb and went to monot str. couple of times..bass mostly he went to the Tiesto concert.. and he took his enzo back, thats the real story..THERES NO FERRARI ENZO WITH LEBANESE LICENSE!!! theres only 1 ferrari walked on our streets and went off.. peace and thanks

  19. even if u pay 4800000k for a saleen not 3800000k for a ferrari enzo by law any were in the world u got to have a 30 days temp plate.. but again $ in lebanon can and will do any thing for u my frindes..peace to our brothers and sisters in lebanon thank u peace out…….

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