10 thoughts on “Hyundai Tuboron 2001”

  1. hey nice pics, nice modification elie, mabrouk all for riyadi, we won yess, bit3a2id hal tuboron, i saw saw it a couple of times on the road

  2. hi the phantom are lebanese w hal car besh3a laykou fi mclaren f1 for sale in lebanon bi 50000$ in fiber bass ma fikoun tmayzouwa 3an 2el real mclaren

  3. true,i saw once a SLR in a village called ansar in south lebanon.first i thought it real,but my friends told that it was made by a fiber,took 6 months .l extorior ma feekon tmazyo 3anel real one but the interoir kteer geir and even the motor,yaani bas body

  4. mmmm definetly need a job for the tires…the yellow is throwing it off…and i hope he got a cam installed in the rear to see where he is backing up his car….

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