Exotic car sales in 2005

This year, and like every year ?Ǩ?Le Commerce du Levant?Ǩ Magazine published the numbers of cars sold in the previous year.
The numbers of exotic cars sold in 2005 are:
-218 Porsche (Majority of Cayennes so the number is not precise)
-4 Bentleys
-2 Aston Martin

Like every year G.A. Bazerji (dealer of Ferrari and Maserati) did not publish the number of cars sold but knowing that in 2004 they sold 13 (exclusive Exoleb info) and knowing that in 2005 and due to all the political events that took place the percentage of cars sold dropped by 20% compared to 2004 (Source: Commerce du Levant) we can calculate that the numbers of cars sold by Ferrari and Maserati should be 10 cars.

Here are some other numbers of companies that produce Exotic cars:
-BMW: 688
-Mercedes: 385
-Jaguar: 156

The number one car sold in Lebanon is the Peugeot with 1725 followed very closely by Nissan with 1708.

Note that those numbers are the numbers of the new car sold in Lebanon.

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