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  1. i want to comment to the webmaster about a very annoying issue in this website: when visitors look at the numbers of the cars to the right of the front page, they are amazed to see the numbers, but when they look through, most of the cars are repeated, like the yellow lamborghini murcielego and the rolls royce phantom and peugeot… etc!! so i kindly request that u delete the repeated cars and make sure that there is only one copy of each. please try to do that. thx.

  2. hey kamal ur a litle bit right but for exemple in lebanon there is only 2 murcielago so if elie(the owner) posts only the pictures of theses 2murceilago the site will be updated every year:S.

  3. The Murcielago is the only car with a lot of repeated pictures because we received pictures of a photo sesion of the murcielago and as you can see the photos are great! I will try to fix this problem later by merging the posts with similar cars but I am currently busy working on the forum (so we can move all those conversation to the forum!) so I will try to do it later.

  4. ya shabeb 2ana 3am jamme3 masari men shen 2eshteri aston martin vanquish i swear w ta2riban ra7 ysir ma3i 7a2a

  5. jibile ma3ik chi 360modena mich ghalye edem lVANQUICH hehe ino men kel 3a2lak ya wissam ino bada tjib vanquich chou l vanquich 7a2a chi 20.000$ lol 7a2a chi 400.000$ ONLY lol

  6. yea farfoura, get me a Bugatti, i knew that a Bugatti just arrived to Dubai and it is for sale… can u get that for me?! lol. btw, this is for you elie and georgeskhai, its not just the lambo murcielego that is repeated .. the yello galardo is also repeated!!

  7. 2 yellow gallardo are posted on this site 1 with a yellow plate ant that one is from a arabic country(dubay or katar)
    and i think its ok if we post the same car but it must be spotted in different places

  8. ana mich 3am betmaskhar bass ino………..
    lech how old r u ? tene chi badik tjibe aston martin so lezim ykoun ma3ik chi 10 milions dollars , tab what u own now??

  9. wlek ya george ya 7abibi ya albi lesh enta heik koun 3andak mante2 2el aston martin bi usa 7a2a 164000$ http://www.ebay.com used w 2ana ma3ashi 4200 $ ana model bi nidal agency bass ma fini 2oul 3ala 2esmi w sarli 5 years 3am sammed bi 7a2a w kel 2ekhweti bel emirates byeb3atouli money monthly shi 3500 ba3ed kel 2el saref bifaddel ma3i masari w 2ennnou 2el vanquish model 2002 bisir 7a2a bi lebanon 7aweli 2el 250000$ mouch aktar 7seba wlo w 2ana halla2 ma3i porche cayenne s

  10. yea i think i know u farfoura, my x was in that same agency. ill check for the owner of the cayene s. c u, ciao.

  11. hehe u have a cayenne S bass l problem taba3e ino mabsadi2 illa ma chouf so imtin ra7 tfarjine l cayenne?? 3a fekra ana mfakar badik tjibe l aston mnel cherke ya3ne 2006 so bikoun 7a2a 350.000 bass iza 2002 used so ma3ik 7a2 chi 250.000$ (ouffffffff)

  12. iza 3anjad 3indik “cayenne S” majboura ta3mlile mechwar cozzzz bmoutttt bi heik siyarat w ana mich tali3 bichi heik:S (exotic):S

  13. well..goerge u deserve a ride cuz yer the 1 supplier for this site..i think go second…this means the second ride is for me to be far..yala farfoura its nice seeing a lebanese gurl conserned about the car not the one who is drivin it;)

  14. farfouraaaaaaaa…tjawazeeeneeh w 3al 3eres bjebleek mesh bass aston martin vanquish, wlek bjebleikkk james bond 007 ma3a kamein…..
    not really good deals on ebay..by the way u can get around 180,000 a later model than 2002….
    for me i like the db9 especially the rear lights and i think the two models differ in that, “front fog” lights and ofcourse engineeee…..but still a vanquish is a vanquish….

    i can get an aston martin 2003 for about 150 160 alf…

    so u know whom to call if u want one :P..hahahayyy

  15. hey guys, “farfoura” exists -though she is a bit exagurating in here-, But she does exist. and by the way, “nona” send her regards and best wishes.

  16. loooooook george we can meet and drive (nkazder)in my bro ‘s cayenne turbo , its pretty nice, w ahla bi kteer minil cayenne s,i could send u a pic of it

  17. khayak ma3o cayenne turbo:S tab inta chou ma3ak?? tab send me some pics ta sadi2 lol aw 2ta3 3laye iza rayi7 tchaffit:D

  18. i dont have a car yet…. look i dont think elie will accpet a caynne turbo .. if he does sure i will put them

  19. ya shabeb el cayenne s taba3i ma byen3ad exotic la2an 2ana sharaytou bi 65000 $ usa kif baddou ykoun exotic

  20. george 7abibe 2ana iza ma 2elet 3an 2esmi 2el 7a2i2i baddi farjik siyarti bi hal sheghel ma fiyon el nes ya3erfou ktir 3an 7ayetna

  21. lol chou mfakertine mnel FBI ino li bi hemne houwe l cayenne S aw l cayenne turbo iza mazbout 3endkoun (farfoura w wissam) yalla imtin ra7 tekhdoune chi barme ???

  22. one question for all the guys???

    ya3ny why r u guys soo agressive to farfoura in questioning her ownership of a cayene s?????
    ya3ny she doesnt need to prove that she has one and u dont need to believe that she has one….
    ya3nyyy….i dont think its abig deal if she has or if she doesnt have a cayene s…
    but i really wanna see her pic inside an Aston Martin, that i wanna see…not for the proof but ther is nothing better than seeing a girl in an exotic…itss just sexyyyy……
    yala CIAO!

  23. hey hamze yesterday i saw a girl in a SL55 AMG(niyelounnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lol)
    farfoura must proove that she have a cayenne S (bede otla3 bichi siyara sari3aa:S

  24. bass ennou ma ba3ref shou 2el meshekle bel cayenne s 2essa shwaiy ra7 ysir taxi w 2ana 3andi ye silver w ra7 2arjikon souwarou wel aston lama jiba 2akid 2entou 2awal ness ra7 tshoufouwa love you all

  25. wasn’t that sexy George.. ??!! to see a girl in sl 55 amg….Damn it must have been a sight…

    Bro, ntor shway la enzal 3end el ahel bel kuwait w menrakbak bee shi F430….

    and just to let you know im pissed at my younger brother, he was 18 and he already drove a 360, bentley GT, and a gallardo….which two of those i havent been in….

    hayda esmo 2ahorrr w farek bel a3saab ..lool..

  26. ya hamze eh ana aktar men H2 mech tali3:S w audi TT bass hole machi edem yalle eltelle 3announ so ana aher aktar menak lol:S

  27. baseetaa khayeee George, el eyeeim btejeh :)…

    by the way george, have u seen any Modena Challenge Stradale, in lebanon??…i wonder how much are the price on those in lebanon??…do u have any idea??

  28. i’ve never seen 1 in lebanon but a modena cost 100.000 pounds and a challenge cost 130.000 pounds (in the U.K) so in lebanon a modena cost 300.000 $ so the challenge will cost around 400.000

  29. wowww 300 thousadn and 400, thats soo expensive, why is that.???..the ferrari dealership in lebanon is ripping off the people…

  30. the problem is not with the dealership but with the goverment and TAXES in the U.K there’s no taxes but in lebanon u’ll pay 100% of the car which mean u’ll pay the double (damn it)

  31. ya khaye ana kenet 3am be7ke mnel cherke w abel ma tenzal lF430 bass add maykoun a 2005 modena will cost more than 250.000$
    HEY guys ANTYPAS a dealership had a FERRARI MODENA for sale(2nd hand) so if someone asked him about the price tell us 2 know exactly

  32. sry for the wrong informations:S but i asked a dealer about a used modena 360(not challenge) 2004 and it costs 180.000$

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  36. hi farfura da5lik ya3ne ente hal2ad mashhura w shi 7atta ma3ik hal2ad lok bedde eshte4il metel maba3rif shu la7atta jib cayenne w hayda w ana be swisra w ma3ashe bikun 5000 ana halla2 17 lol so kif fike ente tjibe hek cras shu kente be harvard?!!

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