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  1. pssst..fafoura 3ajabitik il jaguar??haydeh ana ba3ata:D
    😛 niyelna fikeh ya farfoura..3am ta3teh rou7 7elweh lal website;p

  2. This car has been tuned to look like a GTR but its not actually a GTR. A GTR M3’s exhaust pipes dont look like this. The front fenders of the GTR has ventilation grooves. The GTR does not have leather seats.

    Great body work though 🙂

  3. wlek rayan enta 2el 7elou w enta yalli rou7ak 7elwe wel jaguar bettawesh metlak ya 2ammour 😛

  4. Actually, the only thing GTR about my car is the hood. The front bumper and the roof are carbon fiber from the M3 CSL. The rear wing, exhaust and diffusor are AC-Schnitzer parts.

    PS: The Original BMW GTR does not have ventilation grooves on the wide body fenders. The ventilation grooves only come as part of the GTR kit sold by Flossman in the U.S.

    Thanks for the comments

    Full M3 CSL interior coming soon…

  5. Hey George
    Its just a regular M3 with M3 CSL parts (roof and front bumper) and a M3 GTR Hood.

    Ive done some tuning to the engine (now 375bhp) and completely changed the shocks and springs to Bilstein coilover racing suspension. Also added the Brembo 355mm front and rear brake kit along with some other modifications (too many to mention).


  6. hey guys, just wanted to say that my nickname is usually ///M Beemers 4 Life or ///M3 GTR and this car is the car of my dreams… but NOT ANYONE THAT HAS MONEY CAN GET 1 BMW company requires more to give anyone such a car… and this M3 looks like the street edition of the M3 GTR not the race edition… anyway nice car TAREK (if it was really urs)…
    and nice body work… where did u do it? BANNA? and btw till now no real new M3 GTR exists in lebanon AND the race edition will never exist…
    Serch on google for: “///M3 GTR RACE EDITION” to know abt it…
    Thank You For Reading…

  7. Thanks Jad. I do my bodywork at Autoform. They are on the ba7ri road parrallel to Dora. In my opinion, they are the best in the middle east. U r right about the GTR. None exist in Lebanon. The race edition will will never be seen by any of us either.

    George…I never do top speed runs in Lebanon. Too dangerous. People are stupid enough to always cross the autostrade on foot. But the car is quite fast;)

  8. great car…very well done…and even great tuning are coming soon…i know that Tarek will never think of selling this car…but if so i guess the waiting list will be tooooo long…take good care of it…

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