5 thoughts on “Jaguar XKR”

  1. hi rayan elli bravo ba3atet email la gregg sa7eb 2el exoticspotter site w 2eltellou 2ennou souwar taba3oun syria is fake am sa7abon men 2el site kifni ma3ak

  2. hehe lollllll nice farfoura bass ma ba3rif chou 3ajabkoun bi hal jaguar:S the new XKR is now on sale starting from 86.000 euro (in france)i saw it on AB-MOTEUR TV

    ya goerge..if you have seen this jaguar infront of your eyes..this awesome red color would have taken you beyond ferrari red..and the rims and interior are beautful
    eh a7seb il exoticspotter ya farfoura haydeh mish awal; marra a person byekhod soora ma7touta abil wbi7atowa again so..THATS THE LEAST WE CAN EXPECT FROM SYRIAN PEOPLE:p

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