Tuned Cadillac Escalade

This tuned Escalade was spotted 2 weeks ago in Sassine square near Dunkin Donuts, but Georges counldn’t ask the driver if the engine is supercharged and Georges doesn’t think that there’s a RIM bigger than this one its just huge!

Author: georgeskhai (Admin)

22 , ashrafieh , and dont own any of these cars lol

9 thoughts on “Tuned Cadillac Escalade”

  1. lezim ten7at bil rimz section..cuz if u compare ths escalade to a really tuned one it nuthing:S

  2. yeah man i know..when yer infront of i it looks better..bas i meant ino its not that tuned

  3. ino its an escalade and these kind of car is more tuned from the inside than from the outside

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  8. Heey all
    I know its to late for me
    But im the owner of this cadi
    If u still have the picture in larger size
    Plz sent to me
    Its mean alot to me (old memorrys)
    Thnx alot

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