17 thoughts on “1966 Jaguar S”

  1. Hani’s comment should not be allowed since he is a member of a communist regime and in Soviet Union they don’t have Jaguars!

  2. hey nadine what i wanted u to do is 2 comment on some fast car but it seems that u like classic , don’t u??

    hey guyz(hani sharif ramz) visit the EXOLEB FORUM and chat with us

  3. hani, seeing the cars you drive, you should be the last person to judge my artistic appreciation. Thanks RamZ.

    Glad you liked the car Nadine, remind me to take you out for a drive.

  4. Dear tarek, thank for ur comments, however art is not by nature of the car ur drive, and art is not in the car but in the person driving the car..

  5. Hey Tartouk..i’m in the library bored..decided to check ur car out again 🙂 it still looks nice..he hee! i miss my little sweet car!
    Ramzi..how’s it going in Lebanon?

  6. Looking to get a price on this car. I am also building one wondering I get more information give me a call Paul at area code 267 616 1426

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