22 thoughts on “Tuned Hummer H2”

  1. tomorrow im going to customize my sunny hehe
    chou ya rayan bel porsche:P:P did u drive it?

  2. lol..i couldnt take it alot on the road bas ino mshina shwey…sa7eb il sayara ken khayfen 3laya kteer its was 2 weeks old!!!

  3. nice rayan bass sari3a l porsche:P hehe wein hayde?? blebnen??
    ok i’ll submit some picture of the sunny:P hehe

  4. ehh blebnen..bil jabal..umm..if u know b3a2leen or mokhtara its just beside it…the porche iss sooooo fast and seriously bada wa2et ta tet3awad 3laya cuz iza bted3asla aktar min il lezim bitsir bil 7eit:D

  5. man inta 3am temza7 bass on discovery TV they made a drag race between a diesel golf(4 doors)with nitros and a honda NSX(an exotic car, ive submit some picture of an nsx spotted in lebanon) well nsx reb7it bass 3a chwayy ya3ne l nitros daroure lol

  6. that tuning shop in karantina is called shark i guess and the owner is named mark if i remember right..but its very expensive…and i mean very much i dunno why…

  7. hey “tweety” this shop work on the engine of the car or only on the body??
    and tuning is too expensive sometimes on TV they put the most populler tuning shop in the world,”WEST COST CUSTOM”, and a H2 will cost around 120.000$ so 70.000$ more than the original price of a regular H2

  8. On West Coast Customs they use the most expensive materials and u know..sometimes they over tune:P..
    goerge inta hala2 dnt compare your car to west caos customs..step by step rou2 shwey:P

  9. that shop works on the inside only..example sound systems and dvds and screens etc…but dont make the mistake of going there im serious

  10. i told u he asks 4 a lot of $ when u can find the same accesories 4 much less at other shops…thats all guys…

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