10 thoughts on “Honda NSX”

  1. for whose interested, therez an Aston Martin db9 spider at the Range rover dealer- Verdun, for about 250,000$. i guess its 2002 or 2003, not sure.

  2. kamal ma bi2oulou lal aston martin spider spider kelme la 2el sport cars with 2 seaters ok like ferrari 360 and f430 aston martin 4 person

  3. yeah farfoura is right but 2 add the aston martin has 4 seats but only 2 persons can get in the aston moreover, the bently continental GT is the only supercar that 4 peoples can get into it and travel in confort and the 2 person sitting in the back must have a height less than 1.8metres

  4. @Kamal ……. the DB9 the one you saw that was for sale is definetly not a 2002 nor 2003 model , because teh DB9 was first introduced in late 2004 …….

    That Honda NSX is definetly one of the best Japanese spirtscars ever built till now , it has an amazing performance and handling , and it has a “plus” thing , the NSX was designed with the input of the Great “Ayrton Senna” ……..

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