21 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG”

  1. hehe farfoura u can follow the sl55amg by a cayenne (mech metle sunny betkoun ra7 tof2a3 lol) 3melte saba2 ma3 l SL55 ??

  2. ana 7awalet bass houwe ken sari3 w houwe 2a7la men 2el siyara bass 2ettar ywa2ef 3al rond point

  3. ya farfoura ya3ne 7ara2ti lal cayenne ta le7a2tila lal SL55AMG??? lol(kente akhadte l sunny:P

  4. hey farfoura ur sayin U followed that sl55 in UR cayyene!! so u took that pic from ur cayyene?!?! sry but i dnt get it, the interior seems for a bmw, dnt u think so?!

  5. hehe cayenne,sho hal sarooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookh,.,,,,,,,,,,,,interior of bmw somethng like that bas mish cayenne

  6. i dnt know guys..there are some cayenne who have these lines 3al tabluex bas dnt know ma kteer shaklo cayenne..
    farfoura ta tbarehneh ino cayeene 3maleh lal sowar post 3al forum;)

  7. nice kamal and wissam:D:D:D ana stadrajta ta aletelna ino hayda cayenne hehe hayda makhasso bel cayenne fetet 3al internet nabachet 3a souwar taba3 kel l cayenne ,cayenne,cayenne S ,cayenne turbo w men jouwa mech heik coz fi l passenger airbag w metel ma mbayan bel soura ino makhasso bel cayenne hehe

  8. hey guys for more information porsche lunched the new porsche cayenne turbo S the most powerfull SUV in the world and this cayenne is more powerfull than the new mercedes ML 63 AMG

  9. entou 3arfin 2ennou kel cayenne byeji shekel aw la2
    w haida cayenne s mouch turbo walla turbo s kel wa7ad byeji shakel 2ana taba3i ma b2albou navigation system 7atta ma b2albou zaweyed

  10. farfoura…iza akhadteh il soora min porsche cayenne lezim tkouneh a3la min 3al 2alileh bi shwey..bas hal soora ma2khoodeh min siyara bi mostawa il sl 55 dnt tell us hala2 ino our porsche cayenne mwatta..haha kamastik!

  11. hey everyone, kabro 3a2ilkon w stop talkin about farfoura, shez a young girl not more than 16 or 17 years. w btw if u remember, i once told her that a girl from nidal’s agency says hi and she told me to say hi to that girl and all frnds..well guess wat: they all dont exist!!! so byebye farfoura, exoleb isnt a teengirls’ playground honey.

  12. Exoleb is for everyone just stop lying about your cars and about what you own or don’t own, this is probably the interior of a 1993 BMW serie 5 but its not a cayenne.
    in the future use the comment option to talk about the exotic in the picture, for everything else use the forum.
    Thanks in advance

  13. If the picture was taken from a cayenne, then the angle of the picture would be from a slope since the cayenne is higher than the SL. Therefore this car was not taken from any SUV, la cayenne walaa hata toyota rav4 cuz the angle is of the picture is on the same horizontal line of the car infront……….

  14. rayan enta 3aref enou bel cayenne fi zer bi3alli 2el body taba3ou la 50 cm w fi fa2se 2esma sport betwatti bisir metel aya siyara sport

  15. kamal enta lama 2eltelli sallem 3layon ma kenet ba3erfon bass ma 7abbet 2ebkha3ak w 2ebkha3on 3refet kif ennou henne bya3erfounbi w 2ana ma ba3erfon

  16. l cayenne mabyet3alla aw byetwata 50cm maximum 10cm w akid ma bisir metel l siyarat l 3ade w tene chi l cayenne law mafi zaweyid fi passenger airbag so…….. koune sari7a w oule chou ma3ik siyara mech 3ayb (ana elet ma3e nissan sunny so ma teste7e bil siyara li ma3ik yeha

  17. awal shi manna jarime iza ma ken ma3i cayenne bass 2ana ma3i ok w haidi 2el soura ma 2ana khadta haidi rfi2ti bi siyarta 2el bmw 540 1994

  18. Yii ghlbateit bi 1 year (but its still the same model) I told you its a bmw serie 5

    Anyway Farfoura and all the members calm down, I don’t really care who have what, its not a contest, keep personnal attacks out of this site.

    thank you

  19. FOR REALLLLlll….ana i didnt say nobody had a cayene or not, bas 3ateit ta7leel 3n el soura thats all :P….walla beda7koo ya shabeib w sabeyah…anu ma3a farfoura cayenne wala ma ma3aaa i dont see the problem….sarlonn shii 4 mnths ever since i came to this site and u guys still questioning farfoura whether she has a cayenne or not………….
    anywyass this picture is the equivelant of an SL going into the roads of Harlem, NY..LOL…not a good sign at allllllll…i had a personal experience, took the wrong exit off GWB right into Harlem in my friends Porsche……it wasnt pretty , especially at 2am, and thank god i came out alive…..:P just thought of sharing a moment …hehehe…farefshooooo……..

  20. hi farfoura el car li ma3ek bmw 525 mod 1993 cs nafess el tableau li ma3i bala kezeb…wil car li mssawertia aribeh 3A bayti ..im from tripoli

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