11 thoughts on “Porsche Carrera GT”

  1. nice car and a very beautiful parking lol in one of these pics u can see a supercharged sports vogue,cayenne and another vogue

  2. haydeh il siyara sarit ma7touta shi million times lol…bas bitdal porsche carerra gt wbi libnen kamen;)

  3. ye3neh ??? ????? ???????? ???Ć??Ć
    sert a3rif ektob arabic 3al keyboard lama jit 3a canada:P

  4. Carrera GT !!!! i’ve never seen one in Lebanon , that car is not an ordinary car , it is a Supercar! simply beautiful ……. but why in pink ?!!!! damn …

  5. hey man (el khoury) it’s not pink it’s RED but i think that the camera and the light made it pink anywayz i saw this car last year AWESOMEEE

  6. I thought it was pink hehe , yea i guess it’s because of the light ….. but anyway it will remain an awesome supercar in either color lol

  7. Haydeh bi ramle l bayda bi dall w sa7eba ma3o rolls roys fontom lawna zar2a w shab huwi 3omro shi 28 sine

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