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  1. It is my honor to be the first person to comment on the exotic..
    YEAHHHH BABY LEBANESE BEAUTY;)..with a cool number:)

  2. hi guys ana bshouf hal siyara kel youm bi tripoli w wala marra 2deret sawarta there are a lot of f430

  3. yeah a lot of F430 , i saw ,form the lunch of the F430 till now, around 6 different lebanese F430 and 3 different strangers F430

  4. Ferrari maniac #1.(me)…ever since this car came out in september of 2004 the nose still is not getting in my head, for some reason, and you need a ferrari maniac to realize that cuz if u ever watch the British car tvshow, Clarkson, whose as much of a maniac as I am agreed with me as well…the nosee could have been better…. but again its a beautifull machine in terms of technology, first production cars to have the E-differential and many more stuff as well…i could sit all day long and talk about ferraris….but from that price range my favorite is the 360 Challenge Stradale…the sound is amazingggg, way better than the regular 360 modena and the feel of being in a real racing car is what they promised….so ill take a 360 CS over an F430 any day of the week….
    By the way for those who goes to the gallery and order anF430, and when the salesman comes and ask what options do u need, here is a hintt beforee u ask for anyyy optionsss whatsoever, ask him to take off those Bridgestone tires and put the italian Pirellis…yesssss they do make a difference…..yala guyssss…by the way let me know if there is any 360 CS in lebanon, it would be nice to see one in the crammed streets of Beirut….CIAO!!!!

  5. hey , that’s a really ncie car …..

    @ Hamze’ Farhat ….. The Top gear show is a nice show for entertainement etc … but that Calarkson is full of shit , he always bash lots of great cars , he make fun of wonderful cars , he is a Comedian , period . I prefer Tiff Needel , he is way more knowledgable and way more informative than JC , and about the Bridgeston tires and Pirelli’s , well it happens that Pirelli’s tires on the F430 are more usefull then Bridgeston , as it seems that with Pirelli’s tires the F430 laped the top gear track faster then an F430 with bridgeston tires, but IMO in real life and in daily driving i don’t think that would make any difference ……

    The F430 is a nice car , it looks good, and about the nose of it , well i advice you (@Hamze) not to always take JC’s words seriously , do you think that Ferrari would make a bad “nose” for their success of the 360 ? well i guess Ferrari knows more then JC how to build cars ….

    @georgeskhai ….. you don’t have to be a mechanical enginner to know all that stuff …

  6. hey man (el khoury) getting into those details means : u r a mechanical , tyre ….. engineer or u r so interested in these stufff
    btw about top gear mr clarkson is more than a comedian lolllll and about tiff needel he didnt drive super exotic cars like koenigsegg , bugatti but he drove the enzo and the mclaren twice once in 1993-1994(i dont remenber) and one in 2005

  7. @ georgeskhai ……. Jeremy clarkson is definetly more then a comedian but what i meant is that JC is more of an entertainer then a professional , of course he knows a lot about cars , he is also a good driver , but Tiff Needel provides for us the direct informations in a more professional way , top gear is more entertainment then fifth gear , because fifth gear is more direct to car knowledg . btw, do u think the koenigsegg and the bugatti are harder to drive and more dangerous and thriller to drive then the Mclaren F1 , or an F1 car , or an Enzo ? well i don’t think so tiff needel drove the Mclaren F1 , enzo , F1 car , Pagani Zonda , Ferraris etc …….these cars are animals….. Tiff is a better driver then JC IMO , and has more car knowledge then JC …..

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