7 thoughts on “Ferrari F430”

  1. i dont think so ,maybe bc there r stupid drivers who dont know the value of this car thus they put cones around it

  2. hey wissam i dont know maybe ur right but it can belongs to the owner of the ABC

  3. ya zalameh owner of abc can get an enzo ye3neh..bas ino t might be for him bas la2ano 7atta sa7ib ma7al bil abc fi yjib f430!

  4. hey rayan the ABC is owned by 3 business mans and i think that in 99years they have to give the ABC to the owner of the place where the abc is built
    moreover to buy an ENZO u have to own an F50 or F40 and another ferrari:D:D

  5. george the rule for buyig an enzo does not apply anymore having an F40 or f50 or another ferrari cuz they stopped production long ago….buttttt if u have around 1 or 1.2 million dollar u can get it as a second hand car..and that can be ur first ferrari …it doesnt matter…

  6. ur right w i know that(they produced 399 cars)but the fact that they dont sell the car only to peoples who own F50 or F40 means that these people will not sell it and will keep it till there death lol

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