22 thoughts on “BMW M5”

  1. akidddddddd..betsatilllll!!..law betshoufo kif sa7abitt!..
    by the way the pik is in molta2a il nahrein ba3d kfar7eem not in bamboo bay:P

  2. oh and i spotted a baby blue f430 bas the pik is bad quality..i hope ino elie y7eta

  3. mish la hal daraji man ,3ala fekra L M5 2006 w M6 sabako lgallardo , bas l gallardo needs 4.2 0-100km/hr,so akeed L M5 badda less than that,aslan i ffound on a website that it needs just 4.1 sec 0-100 bas mish 4.5sec mitil ma by2oolo,so sho ra2eykon

  4. yi sho kein badde 2elkon,baa3d fi 2 M5s mish ma7tooten hon bil website, the 1 tab3eet l biel w fi another black one (betbalesh nomreta bi 444…. shefta ana w raje3 3al beit ,,so try 2 spot them

  5. man the gallardo takes 4 sec from 0 to 60 and the M5 or M6 more around 4.5 to 5 secondes

  6. Guysssss..i have high quality coverage pictures from biel auto show..kel il sayarat including m5!!!!!!!!!..bas ma fineh a3melon upload la2ano byetla3o shi miyeh w akhadtn bi camera high quality kamen..
    shu ya elie zabetlna yeha ta neb3at shi 10 fard marra..dnt wry i have dsl connecton here in canada

  7. look wissam i watch a video “TOP GEAR” a F430 VS an M5 and the F430 was betterrrrrrrrrr and a lot faster than the M5 and the gallardo is the competitot of the F430 so she must have the same speed and handling

  8. I also have pictures and videos of the auto show but I wont put them because they where not spotted we all knew they where there.
    But we may cover the exotics in the next auto show bass khallass for this one its too late.

  9. look george,3al tareeek l biel sar marra race between gallardo w M5,M5 was the winner,baa3dein foot 3ala bmwm5.com or M5board.com w shoof hal; chi

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  11. ya wissam bikouno mzabtina, w aslan l exemple yalle ana 3titak ye a7san coz hayda l video 3ala “TOP GEAR” BBC chanel so they dont lie and the F430 beats the M5 in miles and the gallardo is like the F430 so im sure that she’ll beat the M5

  12. M5 beats gallardo nd porsche 911 the new nd the old one nd if anybody wants go on youtube nd c M5board watch da videos

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